What Do All-White and Tobacco-Free mean?

What does “tobacco-free” mean?

A product that is tobacco-free means just that: It does not include any tobacco. It does, however, contain nicotine.

What does “all white” mean?

A product that is all white means that it’s tobacco-free and the contents are completely white. These will not stain your teeth.

What does “tobacco-free nicotine” mean?

This one is more uncommon but this is nicotine that's not made from tobacco and are syntheticly made.

About tobacco-free nicotine pouches

Tobacco-free nicotine pouches are a new and increasingly popular way to enjoy nicotine - 100% free of tobacco. Each pouch contains a specific blend of nicotine, fibers, chewing gum base and flavor, making them an innovative method to satisfy your craving. Best of all, they are odor-free, smoke-free, spit-free and all white, which means you can easily fit your nicotine kick into your daily routine.

To use nicotine pouches, place the small bag between your lip and gums. The flavor lasts for up to 60 minutes, and no one will even know you are using it. When you’re finished with the pouch, simply throw it in the trash can.

There are many advantages to using nicotine pouches, including:

No smoke - Nicotine pouches don’t emit smoke or odor. Use them anywhere without affecting others nearby.

Discreet - Our small-portion bags fit so comfortably under your lip that will no one will ever notice you are using them. Plus, no more worrying about tell-tale teeth stains!

Convenient - Enjoy your nicotine whenever and wherever you’d like, with no spitting or lighters required.

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