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ZYN pouches are a tobacco-free product that deliver a remarkable nicotine experience. Specifically, ZYN Spearmint 6mg has sweet notes of menthol and peppermint for a long-lasting flavor. What's more, the spearmint flavor leaves a refreshing taste that keeps you uplifted. ZYN Spearmint 6mg delivers an incredible nicotine experience due to the composition of its ingredients. The ZYN Spearmint ingredients consist of fillers, sweeteners, nicotine salt, flavors, and acidity regulators for a balanced effect.

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ZYN 6mg Spearmint Nicotine Pouches

The ZYN 6mg Spearmint Pouches come in a can that has 15 pouches. It's incredibly easy to use the pouches. Simply insert one of the smokeless pouches just below your lip. What follows is a buzzing effect as the nicotine and spearmint flavors burst. Also, the taste of spearmint is not overwhelming. Rather, it leaves a cool sensation that complements the nicotine kick nicely. ZYN Spearmint review says that these pouches are the best for a steady nicotine release.


Nicotine Strength of ZYN 6mg Spearmint Nicotine Pouches

ZYN's 6mg Spearmint option has a nicotine strength of 6mg per pouch. This medium strength is a delight for people who love a solid nicotine kick. What's more, ZYN Spearmint 6mg are highly satisfying and can last up to 60 minutes. The pouches are a perfect fit for experienced users or people looking for high-energy jolts. Similarly, there are 3mg ZYN Spearmint Nicotine Pouches. The lower strength is ideal for new users or when you need a subtle nicotine buzz.


ZYN for ZYN 6mg Spearmint Pouches

The brand ZYN is one of the leading companies in the nicotine pouches niche. As a brand, ZYN offers convenient solutions that are tobacco-free for its wider market. Certainly, their products are of high quality giving you value for your money. Not to mention, they're popular as the pouches are among the best in the market. Stocking up on ZYN nicotine pouches is simple. All you need is to place an order online for fast delivery.

More Information
Product Info Flavored, Tobacco Free, All White, Mini
Brand ZYN
Trademark Owner Swedish Match USA
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Flavor Spearmint
Nicotine 6mg/pouch
Portion Weight (g) 0.4
Pouches/can 15
Net Weight (g) 6
Net Weight (oz) 0.21

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$3.99 + $1.71 + $0.41 = $6.11

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