Starting September 22nd, Lucy Kapsel will be switching to Lucy "Breakers". The packaging for both Lucy Kapsel and Lucy Slim will be changing and you may begin to receive the new packaging. These are the same products you know and love, just with new packaging!

Lucy Nicotine Pouches

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Lucy Mango 8MG Nicotine Pouches
  • $4.69
    ($4.69 / can)
  • $23.45
    ($4.69 / can)
  • $45.00
    ($4.50 / can)
  • $107.75
    ($4.31 / can)
Lucy Breakers Mango 8MG
  • $4.79
    ($4.79 / can)
  • $23.95
    ($4.79 / can)
  • $46.70
    ($4.67 / can)
  • $107.75
    ($4.31 / can)
  • $211.00
    ($4.22 / can)
Lucy 12MG Nicotine Pouch Mixpack
Lucy 8MG Nicotine Pouch Mixpack
Lucy Breakers 8MG Mixpack
Lucy Breakers 4MG Mixpack
Lucy Mango 12MG Nicotine Pouches
Lucy Breakers Mint 8MG
Lucy Breakers Mint 4MG
Lucy Breakers Mango 4MG
Lucy Breakers Apple Ice 8MG
Lucy Breakers Apple Ice 4MG

Lucy offers tobacco-free nicotine options for consumers that have grown to expect convenient, high-quality nicotine. To ensure each and every one of its products exceed standards, Lucy’s scientists use innovations in chemistry and flavor science to create a nicotine experience unlike any other. 

Lucy is available in two tobacco-free nicotine pouches, Breakers and Slim—and if pouches don’t interest you, you can also try their unique Chew + Park gum. Lucy nicotine products come in a variety of flavors, and vary between 4mg to 12mg strengths which means that if you’re already a nicotine consumer, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. Purchase your Lucy products through Nicokick today!


What Are Lucy Breakers?

Lucy Breakers are the only nicotine pouches that feature liquid-filled flavor capsules which release a big burst of long-lasting flavor. Between their quality nicotine and custom blend of quality ingredients, these pouches deliver an unforgettable nicotine experience. Each puck comes with 15 pouches.

What Strength Are Lucy Breakers Nicotine Pouches Available In?

Lucy Breakers are available in 4mg and 8mg nicotine strengths per pouch.

What Ingredients Are In Breakers Pouches?

Lucy Breakers Pouches contain tobacco-free nicotine and the ingredients below: 

Erythritol, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, food-grade flavors, sodium bicarbonate, calcium lactate, MCT, sucralose, and potassium sorbate, and are sugar-free.

What Are Lucy Slim Pouches?

Lucy Slim Pouches are tobacco-, smoke- and odor-free pouches that use a proprietary formula to deliver flavorful nicotine, all while staying moist in your mouth. Each can comes with 15 pouches and you can find them in mango, spearmint and cool cider flavors.

What Strength Are Lucy Slim Pouches Available In?

Lucy Breakers Pouches are available in 4mg, 8mg and 12mg nicotine strength per pouch, which puts these pouches among some of the strongest options on the market.

What Flavors Do Lucy Slim Pouches Come In?

Lucy Slim Pouches come in spearmint, mango and cool cider flavors. Spearmint flavor will be familiar with anyone who’s had any minty products in the past. It’s a bold and fresh flavor that will leave your whole mouth feeling refreshed. It’s not too strong or spicy.

Mango flavor is, of course, the sweetest pouch. The flavor really jumps out at you when you first pop it into your mouth, and the pouch can easily last for over 30 minutes. If you consider yourself the type of person to kick back and enjoy a nice tropical drink, this pouch is for you.


Cool Cider is incredibly unique, so much so that it’s a little difficult to describe. There’s a bit of minty flavor in there, but over time, it releases a light fruit flavor. You’ve probably never tasted anything exactly like this before, but we think it’ll soon be a favorite of yours.

What Ingredients Are In Lucy Slim Pouches?

Lucy Slim Pouches contain 4 or 8 mg tobacco-free nicotine as well as these ingredients:  Maltitol, tobacco-free nicotine, cellulose fiber, gum base, calcium lactate, MCT, glycerol, food-grade flavors, propylene glycol, and Acesulfame Potassium.

How Do I Use Lucy Nicotine Pouches?

Using Lucy Slim Pouches is pretty easy. Just pop one into your mouth and pack it underneath your upper or lower lip. Because there’s no tobacco leaf in the product, you never have to worry about spitting it out.


To use Breakers Pouches, first bite down on the pouch with your back teeth to break open the flavor Breaker. Then pack it into your upper or lower lip to enjoy. For a more intense experience, simply move the pouch around in your mouth.


Each Lucy nicotine pouch lasts about 45 minutes before losing its strength, but you’re free to leave it in longer if you feel like you’re still enjoying the taste or flavor. When you’re finished with the pouch, make sure to properly deposit it into the used pouch receptacle that comes with every can (it’s on the top) or throw it away in the nearest garbage can.