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I have been using nicotine pouches for a couple years now from northerner. Nicotine pouches helped me quit using tobacco. My family is grateful I found the nicotine pouches. The fact they are tobacco free puts my mind at ease as far as my health and they are extremely enjoyable. I give the tobacco free nicotine pouches a 5 star rating. Ill be a customer for life! Thank you for delivering a quality product!

- Jordon 3 days ago
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We absolutely love your products! My wife and I are avid Zyn users, having started using them when I purchased them at an event I was attending. We both quit smoking and have had no temptations of going back while using Zyns regularly! Wintergreen and spearmint are our favorite to use daily. Originally purchased at $2.00 a can at an event promoting them. Finding that they’re only $5.00 a can is fantastic! I can’t say enough about the quality of the Zyn nicotine pouches! 5 Stars all day!
October 18, 2019
Matthew Melnick
This product has been a life changer for me. I have been through all the different tobacco types starting with leaf then stuff and even tried cigars. Being a HS athletics coach for over 20 yrs and not wanting any of those habitats to be known to my young athletes plus the ban of tobacco products on campus zyn has helped me stop those tobacco types and still allows me to enjoy the nicotine. Thanks nicokick
October 7, 2019
Let me tell y'all something . I have smoked for 40 years and I tried to quit smoking and did quit smoking many , many times . I never thought anything could help because I have literally taken everything and done everything with no help whatsoever !!!! Though I am a woman , I use these little pouches and now everyone can smoke in front of me and outut doesn't bother me in the 'least . Bless you for these little pouches !!!
September 12, 2019
Carol Young
got away from tobacco pouches because of these , have great flavors and great price with free shipping.
August 28, 2019