Nicokick Discount Codes

Are there any Nicokick coupon codes?

Yes, there are Nicokick coupons! We have all the Nicokick discount codes you need and great offers on nicotine pouches. You can also check out or dicsount page where we list all nicotine pouches on sale

Where do I find Nicokick discount codes?

There are two ways to get Nicokick coupons: subscribe to our newsletter or refer a friend to Nicokick.

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How does referring a friend get me discount nicotine pouches?

The Nicokick referral program can give you up to 50% off for every friend you refer (valid on orders up to 25 cans). Give your friends (21+) 20% off their first purchase; if they make a qualifying purchase, you will get a discount on your next order. When the friend(s) you referred makes a purchase, you will be emailed a discount code you can use on your next order. 

To register, click the red button in the bottom corner of the screen and start receiving Nicokick discount codes!




Can I use brand coupons (e.g. a Rogue Nicotine Pouches Coupon)?

We do not have manufacturer discount codes on our website. This means external brand codes, such as On! Nicotine pouch coupons and Rogue nicotine pouch coupons, will not work on Nicokick. 

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Do Nicokick coupons work for all products?

All discount codes will work for the entire site unless stated otherwise. Our general discount code will work as a Nicokick ZYN discount code as well as a discount code for Rogue, VELO and On! products


Are there any conditions for Nicokick discount codes?

For all terms and conditions, please check our terms and conditions page.