Flavored Nicotine Pouches

Find Your Flavor

With so many flavored nicotine pouches, it can be hard to know where to start. Find your flavor using our flavor guide.

You enjoy classic mints…

Discover our range of traditional mint-flavored nicotine pouches. Whether you are a wintergreen lover or like the bite of spearmint flavors, our selection of mint nicotine pouches has you covered.

  • Spearmint
  • Wintergreen
  • Peppermint

You enjoy sweet and fruity flavors…


Complement your nicotine experience with fruity freshness. Our range of fruit-flavored nicotine has options ranging from...


  • Cherry
  • Mango
  • Berry
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Strawberry

and more!


You like a little spice…

Enjoy the balance of warm spices and nicotine kick with cinnamon-flavored nicotine pouches.


You are looking for a citrus zing…

Citrus is one of the most popular flavor categories. Find pouches that focus more on the lemon or lime notes - either way, there are pouches for all types of citrus lover.


You like a morning cup of coffee…

Combine the sweet sensation of your morning cup of joe with your nicotine experience.


You like your experience unflavored…

Unflavored nicotine is perfect for nicotine pouch users who want to appreciate the nicotine experience without added flavorings. 



Flavor guides from specific brands

Do you want to learn more about the flavor alternatives from specific brands? Then check our our brand specific flavor guides:




If you're using a pouch, it's a good thing to put it in the right place. Click here to learn more about how to use nicotine pouches.

 A Guide to Flavored Nicotine Bans - U.S. and Global

Is there a flavor ban in your region? And what does a flavor ban mean? Get all the info you need in our flavor ban guide.