Rogue Nicotine Tablets

Rogue Nicotine Tablets: 100% tobacco leaf-free, American nicotine tablets. Order from Nicokick and get fast shipping and great prices on all Rogue nicotine tablets!

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What are Rogue Nicotine Tablets?

Rogue is an American brand committed to providing convenient alternatives to traditional oral tobacco products. Among their products are Rogue Nicotine Pouches, Rogue Nicotine Gum, and spit-free and sugar-free Rogue Lozenges and tablets. These nicotine tablets are a popular choice, as you can use them whenever, wherever. The selection of Rogue Nicotine Tablets features Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Citrus flavors: all of these Rogue flavors are available in either a 2mg or 4mg nicotine strength option. Rogue is always working to satisfy their customers, which means Rogue is always working on innovation and creating the best nicotine products.


Rogue Nicotine Tablets Review

So, which are the most popular Rogue tablets on Nicokick? The top 3 customer favorite Rogue tablets currently are: 

  1. Rogue Berry 4mg
  2. Rogue Peppermint 4mg
  3. Rogue Wintergreen 4mg

However, the Rogue tablet range also features different nicotine strength options: 2mg and 4mg per tablet. 

Which nicotine strength is right for you is personal, and while nicotine tablet strengths are universal, the strength you actually feel from the nicotine tablet can depend on the flavor you choose - not just the amount of nicotine. 


How to Use Rogue Nicotine Tablets

When using Rogue Nicotine Tablets, the process is similar to using other nicotine lozenges or tablets. Instead of chewing, sucking, or swallowing the tablet, place it between your gums and cheek. You may then feel a warm or tingling sensation. Allow the tablet to slowly dissolve over the course of roughly 20-30 minutes. Move it around every so often from one side of your mouth to the other to ensure even dissolving.


Rogue Nicotine Tablet Prices and Multipacks

You can find the best Rogue nicotine tablet prices on Nicokick! On Nicokick, you can shop the full range of Rogue nicotine tablets: you can buy your favorite Rogue tablets either in individual tins or in multipacks of 5, 10, 25 and 50 tins!


Buy Rogue Nicotine Tablets Online

Instead of searching online to find results for  “Rogue nicotine tablets near me” and hoping you can find a local store that stocks your favorite Rogue tablets, order them online via Nicokick! We have fast shipping, competitive prices, and we ship to almost every state in the U.S. 


Rogue Nicotine Tablets FAQ

  • To buy and use any nicotine product (including Rogue tablets), you must be over 21 years old.

  • You can buy Rogue nicotine tablets in some select stores, but the best place to buy them is online. 

  • Rogue cans contain 20 nicotine tablets.

  • Rogue Tablets have a shelf life of two years, but it is best to use them before the "best by" date printed on the tin. Using them after this date may affect the experience. 

  • There are 3 Rogue tablet flavors:

    • Wintergreen
    • Peppermint 
    • Berry
  • The most popular Rogue nicotine tablets on Nicokick are Rogue Berry 4mg.

  • Rogue nicotine products are made with nicotine polacrilex and other ingredients that give them flavor and texture. There's no sugar, but they are sweetened with Acesulfame K.

  • Rogue products are created by a joint venture between Swisher International and Avema Pharma Solutions called Rogue Holdings, LLC. Swisher International handle the marketing and distribution, while Avema Pharma Solutions manufacture and supply the products, such as gums, lozenges and tablets.