At Nicokick, we are committed to fostering a responsible and compliant online shopping environment, that goes above and beyond federal and state regulations in ensuring the safety of our adult customers (21 years and older) while providing access to nicotine pouches through our online platform. Our ambition is that Nicokick stands as a paragon of responsibility in the online retail space of nicotine products, prioritizing compliance, product quality, and customer education to ensure a safe and informed experience for our adult customers.


Age Verification and preventing youth access:

Our dedication to responsible sales begins with a stringent age limit of 21 years, surpassing even state laws that may allow for a lower age requirement. We employ a highly reputable third-party vendor for on-site age verification, ensuring that every customer undergoes age verification before making a purchase (NB. this process applies to every order). If the verification fails and/or public records don't align, the purchaser must upload an unexpired government-issued ID for extended age verification. 


We reserve the right to deny and cancel the order if proper identification cannot be provided.


Access Control:
Implementing an age gate, we prompt customers to confirm their age before accessing our site, minimizing unintentional exposure to underage individuals. Our age verification policy includes robust processes and checks to prevent minors from accessing our products, emphasizing our commitment to responsible retail practices.


Product Quality Assurance and Guidelines:
Every product we offer undergoes quality testing by a third-party vendor, ensuring adherence to our high standards. Our commitment extends to educating our customers through published guidelines and informative articles, fostering responsible product usage within the nicotine pouch category.

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Nicoleaks (our product quality testing database):


Shipping and Payment Compliance:
We exclusively ship to states permitting online sales of our products, adhering to state-specific regulations, such as flavor bans. We only collaborate with reliable shipping providers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS that prioritize security and responsibility. Our payment partners meet the same high standards, providing secure and diverse payment options. Detailed state regulations can be explored through our interactive map, and further insights into our standards are available in our terms and conditions and privacy notice.


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Terms and Conditions:
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Other Responsible Restrictions we apply:
In our commitment to a secure shopping experience, we take measures to prevent reselling and ensure proper age verification. To avoid misuse, we've set restrictions, like limiting customers to ordering a maximum of 150 cans in 45 days, or limit number of items of specific brands or SKU's. Various checks throughout the site further enhance our efforts. Moreover, our processes and algorithms actively work to prohibit any fraudulent customer behavior. We regularly identify and block orders that might require manual vetting before being released for shipping. These steps are integral to maintaining a trustworthy online environment, ensuring that each transaction is secure and aligned with our responsible retail practices. Your safety and satisfaction are paramount, and these measures reflect our dedication to providing a reliable and secure platform for purchasing nicotine pouches.


Marketing and Promotions guidelines:
Furthermore, our marketing and promotional guidelines exemplify a steadfast commitment to responsible engagement within the realm of nicotine pouch sales on our online shop. We meticulously tailor all promotions to resonate exclusively with an adult audience, ensuring that individuals are at least 21 years old. Our dedication to legal compliance extends to a thorough review of all content, meticulously screening for language that could potentially appeal to youth.


In fostering an environment of transparency and adherence to regulatory standards, customer-generated content undergoes frequent reviews to consistently meet compliance requirements. Customers can trust that our marketing initiatives prioritize responsibility, requiring active consent from recipients. Health warnings are seamlessly integrated into all promotional materials, serving as a constant reminder of the potential risks associated with nicotine consumption. By adhering to these comprehensive guidelines, Nicokick ensures that every promotional effort contributes to an informed and responsible interaction with our adult and age verified customers.


Accessability compliance:
At Nicokick, we prioritize inclusivity by striving to maintain a website accessible to all visitors. Our commitment extends to compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We understand the importance of ensuring everyone, regardless of abilities or disabilities, can navigate and engage with our online platform seamlessly. By adhering to WCAG standards, we aim to provide an inclusive digital experience, incorporating features that enhance accessibility. From clear navigation structures to alt text on images, our ongoing efforts underscore our dedication to creating an accessible and user-friendly online environment for all visitors, fostering a space where everyone feels welcome and can enjoy the convenience of our platform.