The Best Nicotine Pouches of 2024

Best Nicotine Pouches of 2024


Are you on the hunt for the best nicotine pouches to elevate your pouch experience in 2024? Well, you're in luck! In this article, we've done the legwork to bring you a carefully curated list of the top nicotine pouches. Our in-house nicotine pouch experts dive in and answer your questions about and review the best tobacco-free nicotine pouches chosen by Nicokick customers!


Overall Best Nicotine Pouch of 2024


The public have spoken - of all our bestselling nicotine pouches, the top nicotine pouch is ZYN Wintergreen 6mg! With the sweet yet sharp minty flavor combined with 6mg of nicotine, ZYN Wintergreen 6mg is (once again) the best nicotine pouch of 2024.



“I have tried all the different wintergreen brands and Zyn is far and away the best one out there. The flavor is lovely, the other brands taste too much like mint/menthol (with a hint of wintergreen), this has a sweetness with a burst of wintergreen flavor, sort of in the realm of a life savers wintergreen flavor. Zyn pouches have the best size/mouthfeel in my opinion. The flavor can easily last 45 minutes or more.”

- QuakerJ


Best Nicotine Pouch Brands of 2024: Top 9


1. ZYN

Crafted to the highest standards, ZYNs were made by Swedish Match for people who prefer a tobacco-leaf free alternative to tobacco snus and other oral tobacco products. ZYNs are completely smoke and spit free. Developed in Sweden, the home of snus and nicotine pouches, their popularity has led to an entire range being developed especially for the American market to feature popular flavors such as Wintergreen and Cinnamon. The full range of ZYN comes in 10 flavors and two popular nicotine strengths: 3mg and 6mg of nicotine per pouch.

The fact that ZYN has a range of slim pouches that bring the classic Swedish pouch touch and combines it with the flavors and strengths preferred in the U.S. is probably a major reason why it is the top nicotine pouch brand of 2024.

Top ZYN Picks

2. On!

On! pouches are made for tobacco consumers aged 21 or order who are looking for a tobacco-leaf free alternative to classic oral tobacco products. Their range of dry pouches features 7 flavor variants and 3 different nicotine strength options (2mg, 4mg and 8mg). What sets On! apart are their range of classic flavors, and the fact they have been in the market a long time means they have become a solid favorite among pouch users over time.


Top On! Picks

3. Rogue

Rogue nicotine pouches are an American-born and bred brand that offer a convenient nicotine alternative product to traditional oral tobacco products. Their range are spit free, sugar-free and (as an added bonus) don’t stain your teeth! Rogue nicotine pouches are driven in their mission to create the best nicotine pouch, and they keep developing their range to answer user requests. The fact Rogue is eager to cater to user feedback is one of the core reasons they made it to the top 5 brands of nicotine pouches.


Top Rogue Picks

4. Juice Head

Juice Head is the creator of the world's first fruit-forward pouches range. They offer a selection of unique fruit-flavored combinations in a range of stronger nicotine strengths (6mg and 2mg). Made with Zero Tobacco Nicotine® (ZTN), they offer a great tobacco free option for pouch lovers who prefer the non-traditional and sweeter flavors.


Top Juice Head Picks

5. FRE

FRE: a range of non-tobacco nicotine pouches created for nicotine pouch users looking for quality and quantity. FRE products have a reputation of producing quality nicotine products because of its fast-acting and long-lasting satisfaction. Their range offers some super strong nicotine pouches (up to 15mg per pouch) and are a popular among pouch users who are looking for a quality, semi-dry portion that comes in extra strong strengths!


Top FRE Picks


Even though VELO nicotine pouches were originally developed in Sweden, the home of snus and nicotine pouches, their range sold in the U.S. has been specifically adapted to suit the palette of the American pouch user. Their range offers 3 different nicotine strengths as well as a variation of classic nicotine pouch flavors (such as wintergreen) and unique flavors (such as dragon fruit). This variety is the main reason why they have become so popular with American pouch users.



Top VELO Picks

7. Lucy

Made especially for the U.S. market, and sold exclusively in the U.S market, Lucy nicotine pouches are unique, highly-researched and high-quality nicotine pouches that offer a great alternatives to traditional products. Lucy pouches are slim and lightweight - and are even made with synthetic nicotine for a 100% tobacco-free experience!

The Lucy nicotine pouch range comes in 4mg, 8mg and 12mg nicotine strengths and there are two varieties of Lucy pouch available: Lucy Slim (a regular nicotine pouch) and Lucy Breakers (a nicotine pouch with an added flavor capsule for additional moisture and more powerful flavor). Their range offers different options of pouch, which is quite unique and adds to the list of reasons they are popular among Nicokick customers!


Top Lucy Picks


Experience the unique formulation of Sesh+ Nicotine Pouches, crafted in Sweden with a specialized gum base for a softer and more comfortable pouch. Their range features flavors that were designed based on Swedish nature and Scandinavian experience, for an international nicotine pouch experience.


Top SESH Picks

9. zone

Launched in 2024, zone is a brand of nicotine pouches that has quickly gained popularity among Nicokick customers. These pouches are offered in a variety of seven flavors and are available in two nicotine strengths: 6mg and 9mg. Zone pouches have a soft pouch material and are made with synthetic nicotine.



Top zone Picks

The Best Nicotine Pouches Ranked: Top 10


1. ZYN Wintergreen 6mg

ZYN Wintergreen nicotine pouches - taking the top spot of all flavored nicotine pouches again with the 6mg version! From the moment you open the can, you are met with a wintergreen aroma. Each portion might be dry, but they are softer than you’d expect for such a dry pouch. The flavor is clearly wintergreen, but with a gentle sweetness to help counteract the slight bitterness you can get from wintergreen pouches. The level of flavor is relatively mild, and you get around 30 minutes of release. The 6mg nicotine strength also gives more of a strong nicotine release, and adds to the intensity of the wintergreen mint-esque flavor.

2. ZYN Spearmint 6mg

ZYN Spearmint has a smooth and sweet spearmint smell - with the soft portions adding to the smoothness and parking comfortably. As you get with most mint-flavored nicotine pouches, ZYN Spearmint pouches also have a cooling presence under the lip when parked. The flavor is similar to the aroma - it is smooth and sweet spearmint. The release time you can expect from these pouches is around 30 minutes and the 6mg of nicotine adds to the minty chill you will experience.

3. ZYN Cool Mint 6mg

The Cool Mint ZYNs live up to their name - with the cool, gentle mint scent greeting you as you open the can. The flavor is similar to a peppermint, but is not an identical flavor match as it has some almost menthol elements. Each pouch is mini and relatively dry, so it parks comfortably (as you get with most ZYNs), but you also get a gentle cooling sensation under the lip as you expect with more menthol flavored products. The flavor itself is gentle and lightly sweet, but clearly mint. The flavor lasts around 30 minutes on average, releasing the flavor with a solid 6mg of nicotine.

4. On! Wintergreen 4mg

Adding yet another mint flavor to the mix, On! Wintergreen 4mg makes the top 4 of the best nicotine pouches of 2024. These dry, mini pouches have a balanced wintergreen flavor that is subtly sweet and has the same flavor you would expect from a wintergreen-flavored product.


5. ZYN Wintergreen 3mg

Also joining the list is the ZYN Wintergreen 3mg - the less intense nicotine strength version of the familiar flavor. The experience is identical to the ZYN Wintergreen 6mg, just with less nicotine. The flavor is clearly wintergreen, but with a gentle sweetness, and the flavor is relatively mild. Each pouch gets around 30 minutes of release.

6. ZYN Peppermint 6mg

ZYN Peppermint, another classic mint flavor to make the top 10. The scent is a clear peppermint one - a mint with some spicier notes. The smell and the aroma is not overly sweet or overpowering, balancing well with the 6mg of nicotine. Each pouch gives around 30-45 minutes of flavor release on average.


7. ZYN Spearmint 3mg

As well as ZYN Spearmint 6mg, ZYN Spearmint 3mg is part of the top 10 pouches of 2024. These pouches have a less intense nicotine strength with the familiar flavor. The experience is identical, but has a lower nicotine strength and release. Each pouch gets around 40 minutes of sweet spearmint-flavored release.

8. ZYN Smooth 6mg

ZYN Smooth is an unflavored pouch to make the best nicotine pouches rankings. There isn’t really an aroma, other than the aroma from the materials (which is still very faint). The ZYN Smooth pouches are dry and slim, which can mean the experience parking them can be unique if you are not used to ZYN pouches, but means they do not slip or drip. Each pouch has around 35 minutes of release on average.

9. Juice Head Peach Pineapple Mint 6mg

Making to the 9th place in the top are the Juice Head Peach Pineapple Mint pouches. The flavor of these Juice Head pouches is, as they advertise, fruit first but with a subtle mint flavor that creates a cooling sensation under the lip. Peach is the primary flavor note, but the pineapple comes in gently to add a little sharp flavor to the sweet peach. Each pouch gives around 40 minutes of release, and gives consistent flavor throughout. Each pouch is relatively dry and light, as well as slim for a comfortable fit when parked.

10. Rogue Wintergreen 6mg

Last (but certainly not least) does the wintergreen 6mg pouch from Rogue make the cut for the best nicotine pouches list. This pouch is wintergreen flavored, but the aroma and flavor notes are still a little different to the traditional wintergreen flavor with a more sweet flavor. The cooling mint flavor gives a chill for around 35 minutes on average.

Nicotine Pouch Rankings: The American Nicotine Pouch Trends in 2024


Want to learn more about how the world of nicotine pouches looks to US consumers? We breakdown the most popular flavors, nicotine strengths and even how many cans were sold in the last year to give you some insight into what we can expect for the rest of 2024.


Best Nicotine Pouch Flavors of 2024: The 5 Top Rated Flavors


  1. Wintergreen. A classic American flavor, it is no surprise it takes the top spot.
  2. Mints. It may come as no surprise that mint is, once again, in the top two of most popular nicotine pouch flavors. In fact, it is so popular that mint-flavored pouches account for 58% of all nicotine pouches sold!
  3. Fruits. It might be lower on the list, but fruit flavors are not to be written off. They provide the sweetness to any nicotine experience: pick from lots of fruits such as black cherry, dragon fruit, raspberry, apple and more.
  4. Coffee. Coffee flavors are more popular this year compared to previous years due to their perfect balance of sweetness and familiarity.
  5. Cinnamon. Spicing up nicotine pouches across the U.S. cinnamon gives a warm flavor that gives a kick to the nicotine experience.


Most Popular Nicotine Pouch Strengths of 2024


So how strong do we American’s like our pouches? Over the past year, the top strengths have been regular nicotine pouches (3mg-6mg of nicotine per pouch), with less intense coming in a close second (0.1mg-3mg of nicotine per pouch).


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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Nicotine Pouches

  • The best nicotine pouch brand of 2024 is ZYN (based on the number of cans sold).
  • The best nicotine pouch of 2024 (based on the number of cans sold) is ZYN Wintergreen 6mg.

  • The most popular flavor of nicotine pouch is Wintergreen.