Rogue Nicotine Lozenges

Try Rogue Nicotine Lozenges for a nicotine experience that's 100% tobacco leaf-free and American-made. With Rogue, you can use nicotine on your own terms. Order the full range of Rogue nicotine lozenges on Nicokick and enjoy fast shipping!

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What are Rogue Nicotine Lozenges?

Rogue is an American brand that offers innovative alternatives to traditional oral tobacco products. Their range of nicotine lozenges are completely spit-free, sugar-free and won't stain your teeth, as there's no tobacco-leaf in them. With Rogue Nicotine Lozenges you can enjoy using them wherever you are - no matter where you are, whether you are at home or on the move, Rogue Lozenges fit into your routines

Rogue are committed to creating the best nicotine products, so they continually work to meet the needs of their customers. Their selection of nicotine lozenges includes Wintergreen, Peppermint and Citrus flavors. All of these products are available on Nicokick and we conveniently deliver them to your door. 

With no mess, no fuss and no staining, consider trying Rogue lozenges!


Rogue Nicotine Lozenges Review

So, which are the most popular Rogue nicotine lozenges on Nicokick? Here is a summary of our Rogue nicotine lozenges review.

The top 3 customer favorite Rogue lozenges are: 

  1. Rogue Citrus 4mg
  2. Rogue Wintergreen 4mg
  3. Rogue Peppermint 4mg

Rogue Nicotine Lozenges have been especially crafted for American nicotine users, featuring three distinct flavors – Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Citrus – and two nicotine strengths – 2mg and 4mg per lozenge. 


How to Use Rogue Nicotine Lozenges

When using Rogue Nicotine Lozenges, the process is similar to using other nicotine products. Instead of chewing, sucking, or swallowing the lozenge, put it between your gums and cheek. You may then notice a warm or tingling feeling. Allow the lozenge to dissolve slowly, which should take about 20-30 minutes. Occasionally move it from one side of your mouth to the other to help it dissolve evenly.


Rogue Lozenges Prices and Multipacks

On Nicokick, you can find some of the best Rogue nicotine lozenge prices! Shop the full range of Rogue nicotine lozenges and buy your favorites in either individual tins or in multipacks of 5, 10, 25 and 50 tins!


Buy Rogue Nicotine Lozenges

Rather than searching your local convenience stores and gas stations high and low for your favorite Rogue Lozenges, order them on Nicokick!

You can order your favorite oral nicotine products from brands such as VELO, ZYN and Rogue with the bonus of getting them delivered straight to your home. With our UPS shipping options, you can get your Rogue nicotine lozenges delivered to you in only a few days!


Rogue Nicotine Lozenges FAQ

  • To buy and use any nicotine product (including Rogue Lozenges), you must be over 21 years old.

  • There are two places you can buy Rogue nicotine lozenges: in some offline stores, or online (for the best deals and home delivery). 

  • These Rogue tins contain 20 nicotine lozenges.

  • It is recommended that you use Rogue Lozenges before the "best by" date indicated on the tin, as using them after this date may reduce their effectiveness. However, generally nicotine lozenges have a shelf life of two years.

  • There are 3 flavors of Rogue nicotine lozenges

    • Wintergreen
    • Peppermint 
    • Citrus
  • The most popular Rogue nicotine tablets on Nicokick are the Rogue Citrus 4mg Nicotine Lozenges.

  • Rogue nicotine products are made with nicotine polacrilex and other ingredients that give them flavor and texture. There's no sugar, but they are sweetened with Acesulfame K.

  • Rogue Holdings, LLC is a collaboration between Swisher International and Avema Pharma Solutions. Swisher International are responsible for the marketing and distribution of Rogue products such as gums, lozenges and tablets, while Avema Pharma Solutions supply and manufacture them.