Review of Pixotine Toothpicks


Have you ever wondered if nicotine toothpicks are a real thing? Well surprisingly, they are! Pixotine nicotine toothpicks are a newer alternative to those looking to expand their nicotine experience. Nicotine toothpicks are a simple and easy-to-use oral product that uses nicotine-infused wood to deliver a strong nicotine sensation packed with flavor. 

Pixotine, a leading nicotine toothpick brand, was launched in 2013 and since then has introduced several flavors which have received very positive reviews by users. Each Pixotine nicotine toothpick pack comes in a small and sleek package that is simple to carry and fits perfectly in any pocket. 


Pixotine Toothpicks Flavors and Strengths


Pixotine toothpicks infuse birchwood toothpicks with USP grade nicotine extract, USP grade kosher, vegetable glycerin, and natural/artificial flavors. Pixotine toothpicks come in a variety of flavors such as Cinnamon, Original, Tobacco, and Winter Ice. Each toothpick contains 3 mg of nicotine, which is roughly the same amount of nicotine found in most lower strength nicotine pouches. These toothpicks can be purchased directly on our website here at, and are available as individual packs (15 toothpicks).


How to Use Pixotine Nicotine Toothpicks

Pixotine toothpicks are extremely easy to use. Once you open the package, you just place the toothpick in your mouth and chew on it until you are able to reach your desired sensation. An important similarity to remember is that nicotine toothpicks work just like most other nicotine products. Once you chew on the toothpick, the nicotine will be released and mixed with your saliva and then absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Each toothpick can be used discretely and discarded once the nicotine or flavor wears off. While using your toothpick, if you would like to increase the overall effectiveness, continue the same light chewing process until you release the desired amount of additional flavor. With this product, you generally start to experience the effects within a couple seconds of use and should get around 15 minutes to one hour worth of total use per toothpick.      


How is the experience of Pixotine Toothpicks?


Most users describe Pixotine toothpicks as a refreshing and flavorful nicotine option. Flavors such as Winter Ice have a strong aroma and provide an added cooling sensation which enhances the overall experience. For those who love toothpicks in general, Pixotine toothpicks provide a quick option that does not stand out and can be used virtually anywhere. 

Review of Pixotine Nicotine Toothpicks


As mentioned earlier, Pixotine nicotine toothpicks are small, affordable, and extremely easy to use. Each toothpick is packed with a rich flavor that is pleasant to taste and not too overpowering given the lighter nicotine strength levels. At 3 mg of nicotine strength, Pixotine nicotine toothpicks are the perfect alternative to smoking, chewing, or vaping.