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VELO and ZYN are two of the most popular nicotine pouch brands in the U.S., both offering tobacco-leaf free nicotine pouches - but what are the differences between them? How do you choose between VELO vs ZYN to find the right brand for you? Our expert team will compare and review based on five main factors: flavors, strengths, ingredients, price and overall experience.


Key Differences and Similarities Between ZYN And VELO

Pouches per Can 20 20/Can & 15/Tin
Flavor Options 10 10
Nicotine Strength Options 3mg & 6mg 4mg & 7mg
Nicotine Pouch Format Mini Slim
Main Ingredients Nicotine, Water, Cellulose, Fillers, Sweeteners, pH-adjusters Nicotine, Water, Cellulose, Fillers, Sweeteners, pH-adjusters
Owned By Swedish Match British American Tobacco


VELO vs ZYN: Flavors

When comparing VELO vs ZYN on flavor, they start on a tie - with both offering 10 different flavors in their range of U.S. pouches, including a selection of mints, citrus, coffee and cinnamon flavored nicotine pouches. The main differences lie in the diversity of flavors in the range and which strengths you can get each flavor in.
The ZYN flavor range has some more traditional nicotine pouch flavors with their smooth, chill, and menthol flavors. However, VELO has devled more towards unique fruit flavors, like dragon fruit and black cherry.


Each flavor in the ZYN range can be bought in either a 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength, compared to the VELO flavors which can only be bought in certain strengths (i.e. VELO Citrus can only be bought in a 4mg nicotine strength, but VELO Wintergreen can be found in a 4mg and 7mg nicotine strength option).


Overview: VELO’s range of flavors are better for bold fruit-flavored pouch users, whereas the ZYN flavor range is catered more to pouch users who like classic nicotine pouch flavors.


VELO vs ZYN: Nicotine Strength Options

Both VELO vs ZYN have a different set of strengths available. As we have mentioned before, all ZYN pouches come in 2 nicotine strength options: 3mg or 6mg. Each round can of ZYN contains 15 pouches of either a 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength, so there are enough pouches to take on the move with you.

In comparison, the VELO range has a slightly different range of options, with two different nicotine strength options: 4mg and 7mg. There are also two types of VELO can, which changes with the nicotine strength, flavor and the number of pouches you get per tin. VELO oval tins contain 15 nicotine pouches and this particular tin is used for VELO Citrus (4mg) and VELO Mint (4mg). VELO circular tins contain 20 nicotine pouches and are used for all of the other VELO flavors and nicotine strengths.


Overview: The best strength in the VELO vs ZYN debate will depend on your strength preferences. If you want the strongest pouch, VELO has a maximum of 7mg in their range vs. ZYN with 6mg, but if you want the least intense strength option then ZYN has 3mg options vs VELO with 4mg options as the lowest strength option. VELO previously offered 2mg nicotine strength options, but this strength is no longer available from VELO.

However, the fact that all ZYN flavors are available in the full range of strengths gives them a bonus!


VELO vs ZYN: Ingredients

The ingredients in most nicotine pouches are relatively similar, but how does it look for ZYN vs VELO?
While both VELO and ZYN contain food quality ingredients, there are some differences in their ingredients lists.


  • ZYN ingredients: nicotine salt (nicotine bitartrate dihydrate), hydroxypropyl cellulose, micro crystalline cellulose, maltitol, gum arabic, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, acesulfame K, and food-grade flavorings.
  • VELO ingredients: nicotine derived from the tobacco plant, microcrystalline cellulose, water, salt, sucralose, citric acid, and artificial flavor.
    • (VELO pouches that come in cans): nicotine derived from the tobacco plant, maltitol, modified cellulose, sodium carbonates, acesulfame K, and artificial flavor.


Overview: The ingredients are relatively similar, so there is not much difference. Both VELO and ZYN offer a drier pouch that is sugar-free and tobacco-leaf free, and are both very similar.


VELO vs ZYN: Price

The price comparison between VELO and ZYN, in terms of which is cheaper, can vary based on several factors. Generally, at Nicokick, ZYN is cheaper than VELO pouches. However, the final price may differ depending on the quantity of cans purchased and the available deals. Ordering cans in multipacks gives you the lowest prices for nicotine pouches, with our 25 and 50 can packs offering the best deals.


Brand Price
VELO $3.75
ZYN $4.44



VELO vs ZYN: Overall Experience

If we first look at the VELO experience, I found personally that these pouches give around 30 minutes of flavor and are quite dry to the touch (but do soften up when you park them). They are a slim pouch fit, for a comfortable experience and have a consistent release of flavor and nicotine throughout. 


ZYN has a strong aroma when you open the can and has a similar flavor released throughout using the pouch. Each pouch, like VELO pouches, are on the drier side but are compact for comfort. When testing the ZYN pouches, I personally found that these pouches released flavor for about 35 minutes or so. 

Overview: Both VELO and ZYN have a range of dry pouches, give consistent release and park comfortably. The factor that you will need to think about is what flavor you want consistently released! If you are a regular ZYN user, VELO pouches can be a ZYN alternative if you want to try another nicotine pouch brand.



VELO vs ZYN: Final Thoughts

There are some slight differences between VELO and ZYN nicotine pouches, but overall the experience is quite similar. 


So when you are trying to work out which pouches are best for you, consider what strength and what flavor pouch you like best - that will then tell you whether ZYN or VELO are the best nicotine pouches for you.

Still not sure you have found the right pouch? Check out our guide to On! vs ZYN and our other comparison guides in our blog!


VELO vs ZYN: Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you like fruitier flavors and a bigger range of nicotine strength, VELO is a better choice than ZYN. In our ZYN Reviews guide we go in depth about ZYN and what our customers have to say. 
  • There are several differences between ZYN and VELO including nicotine strength options, flavor choices and price.

  • On Nicokick, ZYN cans are cheaper. The price varies depending on the pack sizes you buy. Ordering your ZYN cans or VELO cans in multipacks gives you the cheapest nicotine pouch prices (with our 25 and 50 can packs offering the best deal).
  • Yes, both VELO and ZYN pouches are sugar-free.