Best Nicotine Gum 2024 in the US

Best Nicotine Gum (2024)


Nicotine gum is a great alternative to classic oral nicotine products, and a popular choice with Nicokick customers! We've done the research and compiled a list of the best nicotine gums on the market. From flavors to effectiveness, we'll guide you through the top products and give you a full review so you can find the perfect match for your needs. Wondering what is the best nicotine gum options for 2024? Read on to have all your best nicotine gum questions answered.


What is a Nicotine Gum?


Before we start ranking the products, it is always good to have a refresher on what is included in this alternative nicotine category.


Nicotine gum mainly grew in popularity and is commonly used as a product for people who want to quit smoking (however, the gums you find on Nicokick are for recreational use only). The main difference of nicotine gum vs other oral nicotine products lies in its chewing action - unlike nicotine pouches or lozenges, gum provides a more tactile and interactive experience. Nicotine gum is also popular as it allows for controlled nicotine release, providing a gradual and customizable dose. With a variety of flavors and strengths available, nicotine gum offers a convenient and effective option for oral nicotine users. 


Best Nicotine Gum Ranked (2024)

Now we have covered the basics, which are the best nicotine gums for 2024? Our expert team at Nicokick have reviewed the most popular nicotine gums (based on customer feedback). We breakdown the top nicotine gums overall, the best nicotine gum flavor and the best nicotine gum brand.


The Most Popular Brand of Nicotine Gum in 2024


Winner: Rogue 

Rogue Nicotine Gum stands out among other brands with its innovative formula and lasting effectiveness. What sets it apart is its rapid-release technology, delivering quick nicotine release within minutes. Their range includes 2mg and 4mg nicotine strengths and comes in a range of flavors (such as wintergreen and fruit). Made with high-quality ingredients and backed by extensive research, it is no wonder Rogue has been ranked the best brand of nicotine gum for 2024.



Runner Up: Lucy


In a close second, the runner up is Lucy nicotine gum. Lucy Nicotine Gum is a top quality product, with a formulation that is made with top ingredients and free from tobacco. The Lucy range has several flavors and nicotine levels, so there is a Lucy gum for all nicotine gum users. 


Best Nicotine Gum 2024: Top 5 Ranked


So, which nicotine gums win the title of best nicotine gum? We review the most popular nicotine gums based on Nicokick data!


1. Rogue Wintergreen 4mg


This product has a flavor described as "a long-lasting wintergreen flavor."


Our Expert's Opinion: "Top of the best nicotine gum of 2024 list is Rogue Wintergreen 4mg. Rogue Wintergreen gum gives a flavor that is far from one-dimensional (much like the classic wintergreen flavor you know and love). The Rogue Wintergreen gum combines the classic wintergreen elements, such as spice and mild mint, for an authentic wintergreen flavor to pair with the nicotine. If you like a wintergreen flavor and are looking for a new nicotine gum, then Rogue Wintergreen is worth a shot. "


2. Lucy Pomegranate 4mg


This product has a flavor described as "ripe pomegranate with hints of lemon and mint."


Our Expert's Opinion: "Lucy Pomegranate Nicotine Gum offers a unique fruity nicotine gum experience - capturing the flavor of pomegranate but with a hint of lemon and mint. This flavor combination is bold and is balanced with 4mg of nicotine per piece, combined with the improved formula it creates a comfortable nicotine gum experience.


When it comes to how to use nicotine gum like Lucy Pomegranate, you do so by chewing it a little and parking it when you start feeling the nicotine release - then we like to park it between the top lip and gums (but it will be up to you to decide what feels best for you). This gum releases almost instantly, and lasts around 30 minutes."

3. Rogue Fruit Flavor 4mg


This product has a flavor described as "a tropical mix of citrus flavors."


Our Expert's Opinion: "In close second is Rogue Fruit Flavor gum. The Rogue fruit flavor gum is expertly crafted with quality ingredients, which is evident as soon as you place a piece in your mouth. This gum releases a tropical, sweet and zesty mix of citrus flavors - with the recognizable flavors of orange, lemon and lime. On average, the release time is up to 30 minutes - so the gum lasts pretty well!"


4. Rogue Peppermint 4mg


This product has a flavor described as "a taste of peppermint."


Our Expert's Opinion: "Rogue Peppermint 4mg is the 4th product to win a best nicotine gum 2024 award. The flavor has a minty and cooling element, with a sweet menthol essence. Each piece gives up to 30 minutes of spiced mint flavor paired with nicotine release for a nicotine gum that pairs spice with sweet."


5. Lucy Cinnamon 4mg


This product has a flavor described as "a spicy, genuine cinnamon flavor."


Our Expert's Opinion: "Concluding our list, Lucy Cinnamon 4mg Gum secures its spot among the top nicotine gums of 2024. This gum brings a spicy twist to our selection with its cinnamon flavor. Although the nicotine release may not be as instant compared to other gums from Lucy, it compensates with an authentic cinnamon taste. This flavor endures for approximately 30 minutes, providing a satisfying and enduring experience."

Best Nicotine Gum 2024: Top 3 Flavors


The last year has been the year for nicotine gums, with many new flavors and variations hitting the market. When trying to pick the right nicotine gum, flavor is important. According to Nicokick customers, the best tasting nicotine gum flavors of 2024 are:


  1. Mint. Giving a chilling experience and taste, mint is a classic choice among gum users. 
  2. Fruit. Fruit flavors, such as pomegranate and citrus, provide a burst of sweetness to your nicotine gum experience. 
  3. Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a choice that gives the gum a bold and spicy flavor. 


Best Nicotine Gums: Top New Nicotine Gum 


The nicotine gum category is expanding, with new flavors being added this year. But which is the best new nicotine gum? 


Winner: Lucy Gum Espresso 6mg


This product has a flavor described as "inspired by a morning latte, with sweet hints of caramel & hazelnut."


Our Expert's Opinion: "Lucy Espresso flavored gum brings a new and interesting flavor to the best nicotine gum list. With a flavor of coffee, with sweet hints of caramel and hazelnut, it has a deep flavor and is entirely unique compared to the other nicotine gum flavors you can find. Typically, you find fruit or mint nicotine gums, so it is nice to have another flavor option available from outside the fruit and mint realm."


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