How do nicotine pouches work?

2020 year of the nicotine pouch2020 year of the nicotine pouch


Nicotine pouches have exploded in popularity over the last several years, thanks to the smoke-, spit-, and tobacco-free experience they offer users. And with a wide variety of flavors available, it is no surprise they have become a hot alternative to nicotine patches, nicotine gums, and tobacco products. But how, exactly, do nicotine pouches work? And how effective are they?


What are nicotine pouches?


Nicotine pouches are pre-portioned, plastic pouches containing nicotine that are placed inside the mouth, usually between the gums and the upper lip. There, the nicotine is absorbed through the mouth’s lining and into the bloodstream. You do not swallow or smoke nicotine pouches.


The pouch’s exterior is typically made from a plastic called Tyvek, while the interior contains either synthetic or tobacco-derived nicotine, along with natural, plant-based fibers and fillers, water, and often flavorings and sweeteners.


Because they do not contain tobacco leaf, nicotine pouches are considered a tobacco-free product. Popular brands like Velo, ZYN, Rogue, and on! pouches are available over the counter without a prescription and come in various strengths and flavors. They are usually sold in tins or plastic containers with 15 pouches.


How do nicotine pouches work?


Similar to Swedish snus, nicotine pouches are designed to fit comfortably in the mouth between the upper lip and gums, where the nicotine is directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth’s lining.


Unlike snus, however, nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco leaf, but instead use nicotine extracted from the Nicotiana tabacum plant or synthetic nicotine, which is made using chemicals that do not contain tobacco. As a result, nicotine patches are considered a tobacco-free product. This allows them to provide the satisfying kick of nicotine, without the odor and teeth-staining effect of snus products.


How effective are nicotine pouches?


Whether derived from the Nicotiana tabacum plant or synthesized chemically, the nicotine in nicotine pouches have the same effect on the body as nicotine from other nicotine and tobacco products like cigarettes, gums and sublingual lozenges. Unlike other products, however, nicotine pouches are sold in a variety of strengths, typically ranging from 3-6mgs. A single pouch can last up to one hour and gives the user the freedom to determine how strong their nicotine kick will be. They also provide the option for a long-lasting or quick-use experience, without compromising on taste.


What are the benefits of nicotine pouches over other nicotine and tobacco products?


Unlike cigarettes, vaporizers, and snus, nicotine pouches offer a discreet and mess-free way to consume nicotine. Because the pouches are self-contained and free of tobacco leaf, nicotine pouches do not require spitting—nor do they stain your teeth. Nicotine pouches can be disposed of easily, without anyone noticing. And because they are smoke-free, nicotine pouches save lungs from irritation and offer users the freedom to consume nicotine when and where they choose. No smoke. No Spitting. No Mess.


Here is a closer look at the benefits of nicotine pouches over other nicotine and tobacco products:




Nicotine pouches can be discreetly placed in the mouth and used for up to an hour. Often, the lid of the containers the pouches come in include a place to dispose of the pouches if a wastebasket is not available. There’s no need to run outside for a cigarette and no odor that sticks to your clothes and follows you throughout the day. Nicotine pouches are an especially considerate and convenient way to get your kick of nicotine in a professional setting. In fact, no one may even notice you’re using them.


Flavor Variety


Nicotine pouches come in many flavors—from menthol and other refreshing mint flavors to the exotic tangs of mango and berries. Coffee and cappuccino flavors have become especially popular in recent years. No matter your preference, nicotine pouches have a flavor you’ll like—even if that is no flavor at all. With brands like on! selling both flavored as well as unflavored pouches, users can experience the breadth of tantalizing flavors that vaping offers without any of the conspicuous smoke.


Strength Variety


Nicotine pouches are sold in a wide variety of strengths, unlike many other nicotine and tobacco products. As a result, users have more freedom over the level of nicotine they experience in a single use. No matter if you’re looking for a small nicotine kick, or a more intense adventure, with strengths ranging from 3mg to 6mg, nicotine pouches allow users to customize their nicotine experience. And since most pouches last up to 60 minutes, there is no need for several cigarette breaks each hour. It’s easy to find the strength level perfect for you.


No Mess


With only a white, self-contained pouch sans tobacco leaf, nicotine pouches offer all the kick of dip without the need for unsightly and unsanitary spitting. And because there is no tobacco leaf, your teeth will not be stained brown in the process. Similarly, the lack of smoke, ashes, and butts make nicotine pouches perfect for discreet public consumption. Simply throw away the pouch, or tuck it into the container lid, when finished. No mess and no stress.


No Lung Irritation


Because the pouches are placed directly into the mouth, which allows the nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the mouth’s lining, there is no need to irritate your lungs while getting your nicotine kick. The same can’t be said of cigarettes and vaping. Pouches require no combustion and, therefore, no inhaling. And not only will your lungs thank you, but also the people around you, too. Nicotine pouches are ideal for considerate public nicotine consumption, whether you’re at a crowded concert or in the office.




With all the benefits nicotine pouches offer, it is no surprise they have skyrocketed in popularity. Boasting zero smoke, mess, and tobacco—but a wide variety of flavors and strength levels—nicotine pouches have become a no-brainer alternative to cigarettes, vaping, and other nicotine and tobacco products. If trends continue, soon nicotine pouches will account for a large share of the market.

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