ZYN shortage across the US

ZYN Shortage Across the US

Just when you thought ZYN couldn’t get any more popular...

We’re currently in the midst of a nationwide ZYN shortage and need to temporarily limit orders through our site to 10 cans per person within a 30-day period. If you’re a loyal Nicokick customer, you may also notice the price per can is now $4.99, which reflects a manufacturer price increase and an unfortunate cancelling of some discounts until stock levels return to normal.

We’re taking these actions to ensure as many ZYN customers as possible can get their hands on the products they want, and to avoid any hoarding or unauthorized reselling of ZYN.


The situation is not ideal, but one that we’re handling in close contact with the manufacturer (Swedish Match) while they get on top of backlogged orders across the country.

Why is there a shortage of ZYN?

This is an issue of supply and unprecedented demand.


ZYN’s customer base has seen a dramatic increase over the last few months and shows no signs of slowing down in what is an already fast-growing nicotine pouch category.


Right now, Swedish Match are in the process of boosting their production to deal with the massive influx of US orders.


How will the ZYN shortage affect you?

The ZYN shortage is obviously impacting all states, channels and retailers, so you will start to notice less availability both in-store and online. To safeguard our supply and support Nicokick customers, we’ve had to implement a few changes.


  • A 10 can ZYN limit that resets every 30 days. We understand this will be less than usual for some ZYN users, but this is the only way we can ensure a fair distribution of the product.

  • A slight price increase per can. The cost of ZYN went up on the supplier-side back in March, however, we waited as long as we could before passing the increase on to Nicokick customers. This, along with changes in promotions, means we must sell ZYN at the non-promotional price of $4.99 while supply is limited.

  • A $50 cut-off on free shipping. Unfortunately the 10 can limit also means ZYN-only orders no longer qualify for free shipping. You may wish to add other items to your shopping cart that take the total to more than $50 for free delivery.

It’s unclear how long the ZYN shortage will last and, therefore, how long these measures will need to be in place, but we’re bracing for a few months at least. You can be sure that, together with Swedish Match, we’re doing all we can to stay in stock and minimize the disruption in this period.

What options do you have as a consumer?

You’re still able to order ZYN for home delivery or click ‘n’ collect, but if you’re a heavy user, you may need to either reduce your consumption for the time being or explore our range of similar products to ZYN.

Keep in mind that any orders of more than 10 ZYN cans won’t be processed, so please stick to the ZYN limit at checkout.

We recommend subscribing to Nicokick’s newsletter as a proactive way of getting updates on the ZYN shortage. It means you’ll be one of the first to know when the situation has stabilized. Plus! It’s a great source of info when it comes to new arrivals and exclusive deals on other nicotine pouches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At this stage, we don’t know. Given current stock levels and early indications from Swedish Match, we believe the effects of a ZYN shortage may be felt in the US for a few months.

  • The price of ZYN went up on the supplier-side back in March, and we held off for as long as we could before having to increase Nicokick’s prices. We understand the extra cost is challenging, and hope to have the stock to begin selling at promotional prices again as soon as possible.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot predict when ZYN production will be back to normal. We’re doing everything we can to make sure Nicokick customers aren’t left empty-handed and have therefore temporarily lowered the purchase limit to 10 cans per person, per month, and will let you know as soon as larger orders can be accommodated again.

  • We never want our customers to be without their product of choice, so, in addition to lowering the purchase limit to 10 cans, we’re actively working together with Swedish Match and other nicotine pouch manufacturers to ensure a steady supply of product.

  • Some consumers have started to speculate online that the ZYN shortage is connected to Senator Charles (‘Chuck') Schumer's recent call for a federal investigation into ZYN. While Senator Schumers’ comments made national headlines and put a spotlight on nicotine pouches, there's nothing to date in terms of new federal legislation that prohibits the sale or consumption of legally-sold ZYN products by legal-aged adults.

  • For now, no other brands have been affected by shortages. However, as demand continues to increase, we'll be closely monitoring every movement in the market to pre-empt stock issues. You can be confident that we’re doing everything in our power to meet your expectations and deliver a seamless experience when it comes to ordering your nicotine pouches online.