Fully Loaded Dip & Chew Review

Ready to try a new tobacco-free dip? Check out our Fully Loaded Chew review. 

Fully Loaded is a great alternative to traditional tobacco. We love that it gives the same experience as your traditional chew tobacco without containing tobacco - so you don’t have to compromise on the experience by going tobacco-free. Fully Loaded is made in the US, giving it a home advantage against other chewing tobacco brands. 



Flavors and Strengths

You can choose between either a full nicotine strength (which is around 7mg of nicotine per portion) or half strength (which they refer to as “half-cocked”) and can pick from a wide variety of flavors. Some of our favorite flavors include Fully Loaded Cherry, Fully Loaded Tobacco and Fully Loaded Wintergreen. 

How do I get maximum impact from Fully Loaded?


Fully Loaded Chew

To make the most of your Fully Loaded Chew, take a good pinch of the tobacco strands from the pouch and pop them in your cheek, pressing them into your cheek using your fingers. You can then chew the tobacco a few times to help form it, then just leave it in your cheek until you feel ready to turn it. Due to the juices, you will probably need to spit, so keep that in mind when using. 

Fully Loaded Dip

Take a large pinch of the dipping tobacco from the container and park it in your lower lip. Just leave it parked, spitting when you need to, to get maximum impact. 

Fully Loaded Pouches

Much like Fully Loaded Dip, place the pouch in between your lip and gum and let it sit. The flavor of pouches can last up to 45 minutes, so enjoy!


Expert Fully Loaded Chew Review 

If you are looking for a product to mimic the effects of tobacco chew, dip or pouches - then switch to tobacco-free dip products. Fully Loaded offers flavor and traditional textures without the tobacco. They provide a long-lasting flavor experience in a classic flavor selection (there is even a tobacco flavor!) and give a quick nicotine hit.