Review of Black Buffalo


If you’ve been dreaming about ditching tobacco for a while now, then you definitely need to check out this review. Black Buffalo is a smokeless tobacco brand that offers both tobacco- and nicotine-free pouches and long cut dip. What we love most about this brand is that even though it’s tobacco-free, it does not compromise its taste or texture. Plus, it’s manufactured in the U.S., which we’ve found is often a big selling point for consumers.


While Black Buffalo considers their formula a “trade secret,” what we do know is that they’ve found a way to make a very specific variety of edible green leaves to act like tobacco. By doing so, all of the dips don’t just have similar taste and texture as traditional dip tobacco — they also have the same dark color.



Flavors & Strengths of Black Buffalo


Black Buffalo nicotine pouches come in three different flavors: mint, wintergreen, and straight pouches. All three of the pouches have 11.5 mg of nicotine strength, which is pretty strong compared to most other pouches we sell. With that said, it’s a newer brand and our guess is that they’re actively working to expand and perfect their taste options.


Black Buffalo’s long cut dip comes in the following flavors: blood orange, peach, wintergreen, mint, and straight. The dips are 7.5 mg strength, and most reviews rave about how impressive these products are.


Lastly, the brand offers a ZERO option pouch and dip. These particular products are made with zero tobacco and zero nicotine, hence the name.


How to Use the Black Buffalo?

You use Black Buffalo Dip & Chew exactly how you’d use any other smokeless tobacco product. In fact, Black Buffalo’s entire mission was to introduce less harmful options to the market that still delivered the same taste, texture, and overall experience as traditional tobacco.


If you’re new to dip and/or nicotine pouches, here’s how to use them: For nicotine pouches, simply open the can and place a pouch in your mouth between your gum and lip. Then just let it sit there until you’re satisfied. If you’d like an intense experience, then you can move the pouch around in your mouth.


For dip and chew users, take a pinch of long cut and place it in your mouth between your inner cheeks and gums in the lower part of your mouth. Once you do this, you can either let it sit there or you can chew, but either way, just make sure you’re sucking on the tobaccos juices as well as spitting. 


Can you Swallow the Black Buffalo?


It’s never ideal to swallow any nicotine pouches or tobacco-free nicotine products. If you do happen to swallow a nicotine pouch, or tobacco free dip, be sure to contact a doctor immediately. 


Expert Review of Black Buffalo


If you came to this page for a Black Buffalo dip review, here it is. Whether you’re planning to transition from tobacco soon or you just enjoy trying new products, Black Buffalo’s dip truly is a mus-try. The mint flavor gets lots of love (which is probably partially because it’s a classic flavor that doesn't really require you to leave your comfort zone). The mint flavor is described as a crisp blend of peppermint and spearmint with just a hint of sweet, but we encourage you to try for yourself to see what all the buzz is around Black Buffalo products.

The pouches are strong options as well, especially given that their nicotine levels are some of the strongest we sell.