The top five flavors of various tobacco-free nicotine products, as indicated by both transactional data and consumers themselves.

The Top 5 Flavors of Different Tobacco-Free Products

Tobacco-free nicotine products are becoming increasingly popular. To keep up with this demand, and cater to consumers’ various palates, nicotine companies often offer various flavors and variants. Here we will take a look at the various flavors on the market, and which of these emerge as favorites among consumers.

The top flavors of different nicotine products

  • Mint
  • Citrus
  • Fruit/Berry
  • Crema
  • Tobacco
  • Nicotine Pouches

In terms of transactional data for nicotine pouches, shopping trends showed one clear flavor winner. A 60% majority of consumers tend to opt for mint products. Interestingly, this preference for mint showed no gender divide, as 59% of males and 61% of females choose mint during their purchase. The second most purchased flavor was Eucalyptus – again another mint variant. The data showed a significantly lower rate of 11% here. Third place, at 8%, was held by citrus, with the fourth (7%) and fifth (6%) spots belonging to fruit and berry.

Consumers confirmed the above data, as they highlighted flavors such as wintergreen, mint, cool mint and spearmint as their favorite flavors. In second place to the various mint options, citrus was mentioned as a well-liked flavor as well.

The Favorite Flavors for Nicotine Lozenges & Toothpicks


Mint shone in the spotlight yet again, as consumers cited wintergreen and peppermint lozenges as their favorites. Citrus, berry and crema flavors were also mentioned as being well-liked by consumers – showing a close similarity to the preferred nicotine pouch flavors.

Although mint was mentioned as a favorite among nicotine toothpick products, it did not carry the same overwhelming majority here. Flavors such as cinnamon and tobacco were also mentioned – providing a slightly wider flavor preference range for these products.

Mint does seem to be the most popular choice above the board. No doubt, fresh breath is the main appeal here. However, consumers do seem to enjoy the choice and range supplied by manufacturers, and do not seem hesitant to step outside of their minty comfort zones to try something new, such as berry and crema.