On! Flavors

On! are some of the most popular nicotine pouches in the U.S. on Nicokick - with their range of tobacco-leaf free nicotine pouches made for adult consumers aged 21 or older who are looking for a tobacco-leaf-free alternative to traditional tobacco products. The entire On! range has 7 different flavor varieties: which On! nicotine pouch flavor variations are there and which are the best On! flavors? We give you the lowdown on the different On! flavors and strengths as well as sharing new On! flavors and our favorite On! flavors ranked.


On! Nicotine Pouch Flavor Variations Overview


What flavor varieties do On! nicotine pouches come in? In the U.S, there are 7 different On! flavor varieties, including one unflavored nicotine pouch option:


  • On! Wintergreen
  • On! Mint
  • On! Coffee
  • On! Cinnamon
  • On! Citrus
  • On! Berry
  • On! Original (Unflavored)



Top 6 Best On! Flavors


How do the different On! flavors compare? Our experts at Nicokick have ranked our customers' favorite On! nicotine pouch flavors and give their review. 


1. On! Wintergreen


Product Description: “A wintergreen flavored nicotine pouch”


Expert Opinion: “Starting off with the most popular nicotine pouch flavor in the U.S, On! Wintergreen makes it to the top of the On! flavor rankings. These dry, mini pouches have a balanced wintergreen flavor that is subtly sweet and has the same flavor you would expect from a wintergreen-flavored product. If you like a dry pouch and wintergreen flavor, give the On! Wintergreen pouch a try!”


2. On! Berry


Product Description: “A berry flavored nicotine pouch”


Expert Opinion: “On! Berry pouches have the flavor of dark fruits, but give an edge with a slight peppery flavor. The flavor of these pouches works with the dryness of the pouch for a top-ranked fruit-flavored pouch”



3. On! Coffee

Product Description: “A coffee flavored nicotine pouch”


Expert Opinion: “The coffee flavor from On! is a favorite among pouch-using coffee fans. Each pouch has a slightly sweetened black coffee flavor that avoids the burnt coffee taste you can get from classic black coffee.”


4. On! Cinnamon


Product Description: “A cinnamon flavored nicotine pouch”

Expert Opinion: “A traditional spicy cinnamon, the On! cinnamon flavor comes in 4th in our list. These pouches are earthy, with a focus more on the warm spice flavor than overly sweetened cinnamon. It is very similar to the real cinnamon flavor, so if you like cinnamon in general, this flavor is a great choice for you.”

5. On! Mint

Product Description: “A mint flavored nicotine pouch”

Expert Opinion: “The On! Mint pouches have a combination of sharp mint and menthol flavors. Each pouch gives a light, cooling mint flavor - a solid mint flavored pouch choice.”


6. On! Original


Product Description: “An original flavored nicotine pouch”

Expert Opinion: “An unflavored pouch takes the final spot in our On! flavor rankings. These pouches have no added flavors for an unfiltered nicotine pouch experience.”




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On! Mixpacks


Want to try several of the On! flavors? Explore the entire On! flavor variety range. Nicokick offers Mixpacks in the different nicotine strengths.



New On! Flavors


We have ranked all the best On! flavors and strengths, but what flavors can we expect to see in the On! range? We cover the On! flavors across the world and flavors we would like to see. 


On! Flavors Across the World


On! pouch flavors can be found in not just the US, but also the UK, Germany and other countries in Europe. There are several other flavors available in other countries, but the top 3 most popular of all nicotine pouch flavors from On! across the globe are:


  1. On! Lemon Berry. Tobacco-leaf free pouches with the flavour of citrus and red berries.
  2. On! Spicy Margarita. A flavor combination of lime and hot chili fruits.
  3. On! Licorice. Pouches with the flavor and aroma of salty licorice. 


Will There Be New On! Flavors?


While there are no immediate signs that On! will be adding new flavors to their range, we can still dream about which flavors we would like to see from On!. So what On! flavors would we like to see? Here are top 4 new On! flavors we want to see hit the shelves.


  1. Mango. A great, sweet flavor and one to add to the range of fruity flavors from On!. 
  2. Vanilla. An often forgotten flavor that is easily overlooked, vanilla adds a sweet flavor and could be a good addition to the On! flavor range.
  3. Bergamot. You might be wondering why bergamot is on the list, but bergamot is another classic pouch flavor we’d like to see and is the flavor that is traditionally associated with tobacco snus. It is very aromatic and would add an acidic citrus flavor. These also then offer a great tobacco-leaf free alternative for classic tobacco snus users.
  4. Melon. A popular summer fruit flavor and one we haven’t seen in the nicotine pouch space.



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On! Flavors: FAQ

  • The most popular On! flavor (as rated by our customers) is Wintergreen.

  • There are 7 On! flavor varieties: wintergreen, mint, berry, citrus, cinnamon, coffee and original. 

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase all nicotine pouches in the U.S.