VELO Flavors

Find the best VELO flavor for you!

VELO nicotine pouches is a truly Scandinavian brand, with a range of high-quality pouches that contain high purity nicotine, water and other high-quality food-grade ingredients, including plant-based materials, sweeteners and flavoring.

But which VELO flavors are there and which are the best? We give you the lowdown on the different VELO flavors and strengths as well as sharing new VELO flavors and our favorite flavors ranked.


VELO Flavors: An Overview


There are currently 10 VELO flavors available in the U.S:


  • VELO Wintergreen
  • VELO Spearmint
  • VELO Mint
  • VELO Citrus
  • VELO Dragon Fruit
  • VELO Peppermint
  • VELO Citrus Burst
  • VELO Cinnamon
  • VELO Black Cherry
  • VELO Coffee



VELO Flavors: Fruit


The entire range of VELO flavors in the US has 4 fruit flavored pouches: two classic citrus fruit flavors, then two unique fruit flavors. On Nicokick, you can find:


  • VELO Citrus (available in a 2mg or 4mg nicotine strength)
  • VELO Citrus Burst (available in a 2mg or 4mg nicotine strength)
  • VELO Dragon Fruit (available in a 2mg or 4mg nicotine strength)
  • VELO Black Cherry (available in a 4mg nicotine strength)


VELO Flavors: Mint


Mint pouches are some of the most popular in the US, especially the mint flavor VELO pouches. The entire VELO range in the U.S. has 4 unique mint flavors tailored to the American taste buds:


  • VELO Wintergreen (available in a 2mg, 4mg or 7mg nicotine strength)
  • VELO Mint (available in a 2mg or 4mg nicotine strength)
  • VELO Spearmint (available in a 2mg, 4mg or 7mg nicotine strength)
  • VELO Peppermint (available in a 2mg, 4mg or 7mg nicotine strength)


VELO Flavors: Other


The VELO flavor range also has some other, less traditional nicotine pouch flavors:


  • VELO Cinnamon (available in a 2mg, 4mg or 7mg nicotine strength)
  • VELO Coffee (available in a 2mg, 4mg or 7mg nicotine strength)



Top 10 Best VELO Flavors


How do the flavors compare? Our experts at Nicokick have ranked the most popular VELO flavors and strengths based on our customer feedback and our own expert testing.


1. VELO Max Dragon Fruit 7MG


The VELO Dragon Fruit flavor is completely unique - which is probably what makes it stand out at the top of the VELO flavor rankings! The Dragon Fruit flavor is sweet and delicate, with a slightly acidity and tang to it. This tropical fruit flavor is a firm customer favorite, with 7mg of nicotine to pack a punch, and gives a real summer flavor!

2. VELO Citrus 4MG


VELO Citrus is a classic flavor in the VELO range. These VELO pouches have a fresh citrus flavor, with a strong orange presence with a top note of lemon for a crisp, sweet citrus flavor VELO experience. If you like a citrus nicotine pouch, these are a great choice!


3. VELO Mint 4MG

VELO Mint - the original mint flavor from the VELO collection. Each pouch has a sweet mint flavor, and has the aroma to match. This VELO flavor gives a cooling mint flavor experience and has a gentle tingle when you put the pouch in place. These are a classic mint flavored pouch choice, and are a great-quality Scandinavian nicotine pouch to try.


4. VELO Max Wintergreen 7MG

Wintergreen - the most popular pouch flavor in the U.S. These dry pouches have a more mild wintergreen flavor that is not overpowering, but compliments the strong 7mg of nicotine experience perfectly. VELO Max Wintergreen pouches are subtly sweet and have the same flavor you would expect from a wintergreen flavored product. If you like a strong dry pouch, like the Wintergreen pouch from the ZYN flavors selection, you should consider switching it up with VELO Max Wintergreen 7mg!


5. VELO Max Citrus Burst 7MG

Unlike the VELO Citrus pouches, these pouches has three different citrus flavors working together: orange, lemon and lime. Each pouch has a juicy and sweet flavor, even if the pouch is on the drier side, for up to 30 minutes of balanced citrus flavor. The sweet citrus intertwined with the 7mg of nicotine makes for a strong pouch to add to our top 10 favorite VELO flavors!


6. VELO Max Spearmint 7MG

These next-generation VELO pouches offer a smooth and refined spearmint taste that’s different from your traditional mint. Combining the sharp spearmint with the dryness of the pouch and 7mg of nicotine, they give a clear and lightly sweet spearmint taste as the pouch cools under your lip.


7. VELO Max Black Cherry 7MG

Another flavor that is unique to VELO, the VELO Black Cherry flavor has a tart, juicy and fruity cherry flavor. The aroma from the moment you open the can has a subtle sweetness, a real aroma of black cherry. When you park the pouch, the taste of black cherry comes through with a subtle sweet nature to it. The Black Cherry is not too bold and compliments the 7mg of nicotine for a balanced nicotine pouch experience.


8. VELO Dragon Fruit 4MG

No surprise that the 4mg nicotine strength VELO Dragon Fruit pouches make list too. This unique flavor with the 4mg of nicotine makes for a good every day nicotine pouch with a tropical fruit tang.


9. VELO Citrus Burst 4MG

These orange, lemon and lime flavored pouches also come in a 4mg nicotine strength, for more of an every day pouch. Each pouch has a juicy and sweet flavor, even if the pouch is on the drier side, for up to 30 minutes of nicotine and flavor release.


10. VELO Wintergreen 4MG

Last but not least, VELO Wintergreen 4mg brings up the rear of the rankings. This is very similar to the VELO Max Wintergreen 7mg pouch, but with 4mg of nicotine for a day-to-day wintergreen pouch. VELO Wintergreen pouches are subtly sweet and have the same flavor you would expect from a wintergreen flavored product, so why not give them a try?


VELO Flavor Mixpacks


Want to try several of the VELO flavors? Explore VELO's flavor range for yourself. If you can’t choose just one, Nicokick offers Mixpacks in both the 3mg and 6mg strengths. Why wait? Buy VELO online today!



New VELO Flavors


We have ranked all the best VELO flavors and strengths, but what flavors are in the pipeline for VELO? We cover the VELO flavors of the world and flavors we would like to see.


Global VELO Flavors

VELO is one of the top nicotine pouch brands sold in the UK, Germany and other countries in Europe. There are over 10 other flavors available in other countries, but the top 5 of all nicotine pouch flavors from VELO across the globe are:


  • VELO Freeze. A strong mint flavored pouch with intense peppermint and chilling menthol.
  • VELO Ruby Berry. A strawberry flavored pouch that has a slight menthol note.
  • VELO Elderflower Spritz. Each pouch has a sweet elderflower flavor with a sour undertone.
  • VELO Wild Lavender. A limited edition flavor for the summer, these floral taste of lavender.
  • VELO Eucalyptus. The Eucalyptus VELO flavor has a pleasantly sweet mint taste, and aromatic eucalyptus menthol notes. 

When is VELO Adding New Flavors?


While there are no immediate signs that VELO will be adding new flavors, what VELO flavors would we like to see? Here are top 5 new VELO flavors we want to see hit the shelves.


  1. Mango. A great, sweet flavor and one we know that VELO could pull off well with their great reputation for sweet, fruity flavors.
  2. Vanilla. An often forgotten flavor that is easily overlooked, vanilla adds a nice gentle, smooth yet sweet flavor. Each type of vanilla gives some form of woody, floral or even spicy flavor note, which would be great in a nicotine pouch!
  3. Soda. Lemonade, Cola, Root Beer…. There are so many popular soda flavors and types. Creating a VELO with a soda flavor would give that familiar flavor with your nicotine.
  4. Bergamot. You might be wondering why bergamot is on the list, but bergamot is another classic pouch flavor we’d like to see (the flavor that is traditionally associated with tobacco snus). It is very aromatic and would balance out your VELO flavor experience with a tart, acidic and slightly spicy flavor.
  5. Melon. Who doesn’t love a summer fruit flavor? One for the sweet tooth VELO lovers, this flavor would be unique and a new VELO flavor pouch users would love. 


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