ZYN Flavors

ZYN is a customer-favorite nicotine pouch brand, with a range of nicotine pouches crafted to the highest standards. ZYNs are made by Swedish Match to offer a tobacco-leaf free alternative to tobacco snus and other oral tobacco products. They are a popular way to enjoy nicotine, that is completely smoke and spit-free. 

The ZYN range was developed in Sweden, the home of snus and nicotine pouches, their popularity has led to an entire US ZYN flavors range being developed especially for the American market to feature popular flavors such as Wintergreen and Cinnamon. 

But which ZYN flavors are there and which are the best ZYN flavors and strengths? We give you the lowdown on the full ZYN flavors list (including the best ZYN flavors ranked) as well as sharing new ZYN flavors. 


All ZYN Flavors


In the US, there are 10 different ZYN flavors to choose from, all made for the America flavor preferences.

  • ZYN Pouches Cool Mint: “An icy burst of mint flavor”
  • ZYN Peppermint Pouches: “A classic mint flavor blend”
  • ZYN Wintergreen Pouches: “A wintery mint with a hint of sweetness”
  • ZYN Pouches Spearmint: “A slightly sweeter mint”
  • ZYN Menthol Pouches: “A cool burst with minty undertones”
  • ZYN Chill Pouches: “Unflavored with a slight chill of menthol”
  • ZYN Pouches Smooth: “A completely unflavored pouch”
  • ZYN Pouches Cinnamon: “A sweet burst of cinnamon”
  • ZYN Pouches Citrus: “A tart blend of lemon and lime flavors with a hint of sweetness”
  • ZYN Coffee Pouches: “Warm, rich notes of brewed mocha”


ZYN Flavors Ranked (2023)


Out of all ZYN flavors, which are the most popular ZYN flavors? Based on Nicokick customer feedback, here are all ZYN pouch flavors ranked:


1. ZYN Wintergreen


This product has a flavor described as "a wintery mint with a hint of sweetness."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “Experience the classic wintergreen flavor with a gentle sweetness and consistent nicotine release. These slightly dry pouches provide around 40 minutes of release and come in two strength options: 3mg and 6mg.”

2. ZYN Spearmint


This product has a flavor described as "a slightly sweeter mint."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “Enjoy the subtly sweet aroma of spearmint with ZYN spearmint pouches. Each of these cooling pouches offers up to 45 minutes of flavor release, making them a popular choice with ZYN nicotine pouch users.”


3. ZYN Cool Mint


This product has a flavor described as "an icy burst of mint flavor."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “This ZYN flavor gives a cooling mint flavor with each pouch: combining a chilling mint flavor with a slight bite and soft sweetness. Part of the reason these are rated one of the best ZYN flavors with Nicokick customers is they release flavor for around 40 minutes on average.”


4. ZYN Citrus


This product has a flavor described as "a tart blend of lemon and lime flavors with a hint of sweetness."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “Add a zesty flavor to your list, and try ZYN Citrus pouches. This ZYN flavor combined with the slim, soft pouches offers a tangy lemon flavor with a tart base note. They are one of the best ZYN flavors if you want an alternative to mint flavors.”


5. ZYN Peppermint


This product has a flavor described as "a classic mint flavor blend."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “Another classic mint flavor to add to the list of most popular ZYN flavors. Each pouch gives a strong mint flavor, with an intense yet mellow flavor and aroma. Typically, these pouches also have sustained flavor release, giving ZYN flavors for up to 40 minutes on average.”


6. ZYN Smooth


This product has a flavor described as "a completely unflavored pouch."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “A unique nicotine pouch to add to the list, unflavored ZYNs focus on the nicotine without the addition of flavors. Each pouch has impact for around 35 minutes on average without the flavor impacting the experience.”


7. ZYN Chill


This product has a flavor described as "unflavored with a slight chill of menthol."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “Another unflavored ZYN to add to the top 10, but with the addition of a menthol. This addition gives a cooling feeling under the top lip, and lasts for around 30 minutes on average.”


8. ZYN Menthol


This product has a flavor described as "an unflavored with a slight chill of menthol."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “A pouch that combines flavor, aromatics and feel. Menthol adds to the experience by adding a cooling feeling under the lip when you park the pouch, with the sensation lasting around 40 minutes on average.”


9. ZYN Cinnamon


This product has a flavor described as "a sweet burst of cinnamon."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “ZYN cinnamon adds a warm spiced flavor to the nicotine pouch experience and is definitely one of the more unique ZYN flavors. Each pouch offers a familiar spiced flavor, and the flavor typically lasts for around 40 mins.”


10. ZYN Coffee


This product has a flavor described as having "warm, rich notes of brewed mocha."

Our Expert's Opinion:  “A coffee flavored pouch - combining the depth of coffee and chocolate notes with your nicotine pouch. Each pouch has solid flavor release for around 40 minutes on average.”


ZYN Flavor Mixpacks


Interested in any of these ZYN flavors? Explore all the US ZYN flavors for yourself. If you can’t choose just one, Nicokick offers Mixpacks of both ZYN 3mg flavors and ZYN 6mg flavors. Why wait? Buy ZYN online today!



New ZYN Flavors Around the World


ZYN can be found in many countries across the world, with over 10 other ZYN flavors available. Some of the most popular across the globe are:

  • ZYN Apple Mint
  • ZYN Northern Wood
  • ZYN Ginger Blood Orange
  • ZYN Lemon Spritz
  • ZYN Bellini


New ZYN Flavors We Would Like to See in the US


While the current selection of ZYNs gives plenty of options and there are many choices globally - there is always space for new flavors! But what do we want to see? We break down the top 5 new ZYN flavors we want to see hit the shelves.

  • Vanilla. Quite a humble and often overlooked flavor, it adds a nice gentle, smooth yet sweet flavor. Each type of vanilla gives some form of woody, floral or even spicy flavor note: ideal to compliment your nicotine experience!
  • Jalapeno. Move over menthol, there’s a new kicker in town! ZYN are known for their balanced citrus flavors, and adding some Jalepeno flavor to a citrus pouch would give you a real kick to your nicotine experience. Juicy citrus with a jalapeno kick? Sign us up!
  • Berry. Who doesn’t love a summer berry? Whether it is strawberry,  raspberry or blueberry - there are so many berries to give the sweet tooth ZYN lovers a new ZYN flavor they could only dream of. 
  • Soda. Lemonade, Cola, Root Beer…. The list of sodas could go on. Creating a soda flavored ZYN would give that comforting, familiar flavor to enhance your nicotine experience. 
  • Bergamot. Might seem like an odd choice, but bergamot is another classic pouch flavor we’d like to see. Known for creating the signature flavors of Earl Grey as well as snus, it is very  aromatic and balances out your ZYN experience with a tart, acidic and spicy flavor.


ZYN Flavor FAQs

  • Nicokick offers all of the 10 different ZYN flavors: Wintergreen, Cool Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Coffee, Citrus, Smooth, Menthol and Chill
  • All of the ZYN flavors come in both 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine strength.


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