ZYN Flavors

Find the best ZYN flavor to match your lifestyle and taste


From minty cool to sweet and intense, ZYN offers a wide variety of flavors and strengths. In fact, each ZYN flavor comes in two different strength levels: 3mg and 6mg for an even stronger nicotine kick. Currently, ZYN tobacco-free nicotine pouches are available in eight flavors and two unflavored options, with 15 pouches per can. ZYN is easy to use and even easier to take with you on the go. The most difficult decision you will face is finding your favorite flavor.

Cool Mint Flavor

Looking for a more refreshing option? Cool Mint delivers an icy burst of invigorating mint flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

Peppermint Flavor

It’s no secret why this classic Peppermint flavor is a customer favorite. While it’s pretty common to find peppermint amongst other nicotine brands, ZYN’s refreshing blend is truly unlike the rest.

Wintergreen Flavor

Wintergreen is packed with bursts of winter fresh flavor that is so cool, you’ll forget what season you’re in. You really can’t go wrong when choosing between ZYN’s mint family.

Spearmint Flavor

When you want a smoother, slightly sweeter mint option, Spearmint is the answer. If you’re feeling really experimental, you can also mix two mint flavors together for a stronger, more unique experience.

Cinnamon Flavor

Cinnamon has a sweet and woody flavor with a spicy kick at the end. If you’re searching for something more intense than mint that still offers that refreshing flavor you’ve grown to love, this is for you.

Coffee Flavor

There’s no better way to kick-start your morning than with ZYN’s Coffee nicotine pouch. Offering warm, rich notes of a freshly brewed mocha, it’s so good it could almost be confused for the real thing.

Citrus Flavor

This Citrus flavor’s slightly tart blend of lemon and lime with a hint of sweetness will instantly transport you to the tropics. Whether you’re headed on vacation or you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm year-round, you’ll want to have this with you.

Smooth Flavor

Smooth was created for the days that you just want to skip all the flavor options and get back to the basics. While it is unflavored, you’ll still find that you have the same pure nicotine experience you’d expect from all of ZYN’s other flavors.

Menthol Flavor

Just because you’re kicking tobacco to the curb doesn’t mean you have to give up menthol, too. Breathe easy. Cool and refreshing, this pouch is perfect if you’re missing menthol or just curious about ZYN’s Menthol flavor in general.

Chill Flavor

Because ZYN loves to give you options, it wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t another unflavored choice to pick from. Like its name, Chill is created for you to just sit back, relax and enjoy.


Did any of these flavors catch your eye (or taste buds)? Explore and experience ZYN’s amazing varieties for yourself. If you can’t choose just one, Nicokick offers Mixpacks in both the 3mg and 6mg strengths. Why wait? Buy ZYN online today!