Rogue Flavors

Discover all the Rogue nicotine pouch flavors and find the best Rogue flavor for you!

Rogue nicotine pouches are spit-free and 100% tobacco leaf-free nicotine pouches available in the U.S. Rogue allows you to enjoy nicotine wherever you are and whenever you want. Rogue nicotine pouches come in eleven different flavors: which Rogue pouch flavors are there and which are the best Rogue pouch flavors? Nicokick shares the lowdown on the different Rogue nicotine flavors and strengths, our favorite Rogue flavors ranked, as well as if we can expect new Rogue pouch flavors any time soon.


An Overview of Rogue Pouches Flavors


There are currently 11 flavors of Rogue pouches you can find in the U.S. 



The range of flavors from Rogue has a mix of mints, as well as fruits and other unique flavors such as Rogue Honey Lemon and Rogue Apple.



Rogue Pouches Flavors Ranked


How do the different Rogue pouch flavors compare? Based on customer ratings and our inhouse testing, our Nicokick experts have ranked the best flavors of Rogue pouches.


1.Rogue Wintergreen 6MG


While these pouches are wintergreen flavored, the aroma and flavor notes are still a little different to the traditional wintergreen flavor with a more sweet flavor. Part of the reason this Rogue pouch flavor has made the top of the list is that the pouches are soft, which combined with the flavor of these pouches gives a good allround experience. The cooling mint flavor gives a chill for around 35 minutes on average.


2. Rogue Mango 6MG


The Mango flavor from Rogue comes in second. The flavor is tropical, it’s sweet, and each pouch has 6mg of nicotine. The mango is distinct, tasting as you would expect a mango to taste - not too artificial or too sweet. If you like tropical fruit flavors, give these pouches a try!


3. Rogue Apple 6MG

These full sized pouches have the unmistakeable flavor of green apple: tart with a slight sweetness. Each pouch has steady nicotine release, with 6mg of nicotine accompanying the green apple flavor. Rogue Apple 6mg are a great choice if you want a unique flavored nicotine pouch.


4. Rogue Peppermint 6MG

In 4th place are the Rogue Peppermint 6mg pouches. Each pouch has a strong green mint flavor, like other peppermint pouches with a slight menthol chill. If you like the 6mg peppermint pouches from the ZYN flavors list, Rogue Peppermint 6mg are worth a try. 


5. Rogue Spearmint 6MG

Mellow, minty, and cool are the three words we’d use to describe the flavor of Rogue Spearmint 6mg pouches. Each pouch has a strong spearmint flavor for up to 30 minutes of fragrant mint flavor. The combination of the aromatic spearmint and 6mg of nicotine makes for a strong pouch to add to our top 11 rankings of Rogue flavors!


6. Rogue Wintergreen 3MG

These next-generation VELO pouches offer a smooth and refined spearmint taste that’s different from your traditional mint. Combining the sharp spearmint with the dryness of the pouch and 7mg of nicotine, they give a clear and lightly sweet spearmint taste as the pouch cools under your lip.


7. Rogue Cinnamon 6MG

Spicing up the Rogue flavor rankings is Rogue Cinnamon 6mg. The warm, familiar spiced scent and flavor of cinnamon. The Cinnamon is not too spicy, but is warm and compliments the 6mg of nicotine for a balanced nicotine pouch experience. 


8. Rogue Berry 6MG

No surprise that Rogue Berry makes it to the list - with its summer berry flavor. These pouches have steady flavor release and come with 6mg of nicotine per pouch for a stronger pouch experience. 


9. Rogue Peppermint 3MG

A strong, icy mint flavor to add to the Rogue flavor rankings. Each pouch gives a cooling and sharp mint flavor, with up to 30 minutes of flavor release. If you like a menthol or cool mint pouch, Rogue Peppermint pouches are worth a try.


10. Rogue Honey Lemon 6MG

A combination of sweet honey with acidic lemon, these pouches balance sweet and tart flavors for a unique flavor nicotine pouch experience. The flavor of these pouches is mainly tart lemon, but with a sweet honey note to help balance the acidity for around 30 minutes of flavor.


11. Rogue Frost 6mg

The latest flavor addition to Rogue nicotine pouches is Rogue Frost 6mg. This limited-time offer, launched in 2024, features an icy mint flavor.


Rogue Flavor Mixpacks


Want to try several of the different Rogue? Explore the full Rogue flavor range for yourself. If you can’t choose just one, Nicokick offers a Rogue Flavor Mixpack in a 6mg strength you can buy today!



New Rogue Flavors


We have ranked all the best Rogue flavors and strengths, but what new Rogue pouch flavors can we expect to see in the coming months?


Recently, Rogue added their Tabac and Original pouches to their range on Nicokick, taking their range from 8 to 11 different flavors. While we don’t yet know if Rogue will be adding any extra new flavors, which flavors would we like to see from Rogue? Here are top 3 new flavors we think Rogue should add to their range.


  1. Liquorice. A salty yet sweet flavor, adding liquorice to the Rogue flavors collection would add a completely different flavor. It combines a woody flavor with a sweet and aniseed flavor - would be a hit with pouch users who prefer a less sweet nicotine pouch flavor.
  2. Vanilla. Rogue are known for their takes on traditional flavors, they have already taken the classic honey and lemon, as well as tabac flavor with their own twist - so why not vanilla? An often forgotten flavor that is easily overlooked, vanilla adds a nice gentle, smooth yet sweet flavor. This flavor always has some form of woody, floral or even spicy flavor note, which would be great in a nicotine pouch - especially from Rogue!
  3. Bergamot. You might be wondering why bergamot is on the list, but bergamot is another classic pouch flavor we’d like to see (the flavor that is traditionally associated with tobacco snus). It is very aromatic and is one we know would be a great addition to the Rogue flavor library -  with a tart, acidic and slightly spicy flavor, bergamot is one to watch!



Buying Flavored Nicotine Pouches Online


You can buy all nicotine pouches online via Nicokick for fast shipping and good deals. 


Not finding quite the right flavor for you from Rogue? There are lots of other nicotine pouches, with the list of all nicotine pouch flavors containing other mint flavors, fruits and even coffee flavored pouches. Learn more about our different flavor choices on Nicokick including all VELO flavors and all On! flavors


Frequently Asked Questions about Rogue Flavors

  • The most popular Rogue flavor on Nicokick is Rogue Wintergreen 6mg

  • There are 11 flavors of Rogue nicotine pouches:

    • Rogue Wintergreen
    • Rogue Peppermint
    • Rogue Tabac
    • Rogue Apple
    • Rogue Berry
    • Rogue Spearmint
    • Rogue Original
    • Rogue Cinnamon
    • Rogue Mango
    • Rogue Honey Lemon
    • Rogue Frost


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