Black Buffalo - Tobacco-Free Dip & Chew

Born in the Midwest and raised in the south, Black Buffalo is a credible smokeless chewing tobacco alternative that delivers the same experience as traditional dip pouches and long cut without any tobacco leaf or stem. Choose between its long cut or a ZERO option which contains zero tobacco or nicotine. Charge ahead by buying these innovative products before the crowds.


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  1. Black Buffalo Long Cut Mixpack
    Black Buffalo Long Cut Mixpack
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What’s Inside Black Long Cut Chew?

In order to create this unique chew, Black Buffalo had to find and develop a very specific variety of edible green leaves to function like tobacco. In addition to edible green leaves, you will find food-safe ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine inside of their chews.

What Does Black Buffalo Long Cut Taste Like?

In short, Black Buffalo long cut tastes just as superior as any other chew in the market. However, this was no easy task. Black Buffalo has spent over 20,000 hours on research and development, and they’ve teamed up with a top flavor house to perfect their recipe. At this flavor house, Black Buffalo’s special leaves are put through the same production process as Big Tobacco companies to ensure the taste is just right. That’s why it takes months to make each tin.

Why Should I Choose Black Buffalo?

Black Buffalo truly is for everybody. Maybe you’re a chew user and you’re looking for a tobacco-free option, or maybe you’d like to transition to nicotine pouches, or maybe you’re looking for new flavors to try. Black Buffalo has all of that and more!

What Flavors Does Black Buffalo Have?

Black Buffalo long cut chew comes in four different flavors and one flavorless option. These flavors include, wintergreen, peach and unflavored straight. It is also available in nicotine-free ZERO long cut in blood orange and mint. It sounds like it might be time for you to upgrade your personal product stash soon.

What Is Black Buffalo ZERO?

Black Buffalo’s ZERO nicotine long cut is a smokeless tobacco alternative that contains zero nicotine and zero tobacco. Yes, it’s true—and the best part is, these pouches taste just as satisfying as other nicotine and smokeless tobacco products in the market.