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Cherries are a stone fruit, related to plums. They can be divided into two groups: sweet cherries and sour cherries. Sweet cherries grow on large trees that occur wildly in the whole of Europe, West and Central Asia. In addition, they are grown in many other places, including Sweden. Sweet cherries can be yellow, yellowish-red or dark red, almost black. They are mostly eaten as fresh fruit. The cherries have a firm fruit pulp with a very sweet and rich sweet, aromatic taste. Take me to the cherry flavored products

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Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the bark of the cinnamon (Cinnamomum) species which is a part of the stock plants family. The sweet aroma of cinnamon is often used in pastries, pies, puddings and nicotine gum flavors. It has an aromatic, sweet and savory flavor that is reminiscent of Christmas time. Both the rich flavor and aroma. Take me to the cinnamon flavored products


Orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit are among the sweet citrus flavors. If you've ever taken a bite out of a lemon, you already know they pack some serious sour power. This is because they contain citric acid, which is a weak organic acid found in many fruits and vegetables. Take me to the citrus flavored products

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The coffee bean contains more than 800 flavors, but we are still not great in putting them in to words. Here's a try from our site: Coffee taste is earthy, spicy, nutty, tangy, fruity, and can carry tones of tobacco. Take me to the coffee flavored products


The dragon fruit, or also called as pitaya, is known to contain a very mild taste that’s quite like kiwi, sweet and sour. Take me to the dragon fruit flavored products

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find your flavor peppermintfind your flavor peppermint


Ever wondered why a mint pouch feels cold? The menthol that is contained in mint causes a reaction making the mint feel cold. The menthol triggers the nerves, changing the electric pulse sending a message to the brain that you’re eating something cold. All mint products offer a cooling sensation and can sometimes “burn” more under the lip. Peppermint is the strongest mint in the mint family. It has an intense mint flavor, with a sweet, mellow flavor of lemon. Take me to the peppermint flavored products


Spearmint is a sweeter option compared to peppermint and generally retains less of the cooling sensation. Many would describe spearmint to be fresher compared to peppermint that’s described as spicier. Take me to the spearmint flavored products

find your flavor spearmintfind your flavor spearmint
find your flavor wintergreenfind your flavor wintergreen


Wintergreen, unlike peppermint and spearmint, which are both obtained from the leaves of very specific varieties of mint plants, Wintergreen is not a single plant but a group of aromatic plants. So, the taste is reliant on the blend and can vary. Take me to the wintergreen flavored products


These nicotine lozenge flavors consist of mixed strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which create a sweet and sour taste like the essence of summer. Take me to the berry flavored products

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find your flavor tabaccofind your flavor tabacco


This flavor comes from the tobacco plant. Tobacco has a sweet taste, with a very enjoyable slight spicy/burning sensation.  Take me to the tobacco flavored products


Peach flavored pouches gives you a full Peach flavor. Sweet, refreshing, balanced and made with blended spearmint leaves, the Peach flavor is sweet, but not too sweet! Take me to the peach flavored products

find your flavor peachfind your flavor peach
find your flavor bourbon find your flavor bourbon


A long time of testing and perfecting went into making this very special taste. We know you'll love the authentic bourbon flavor and the burn! Join us in raising a glass, and try the Bourbon dip today!


Mango nicotine pouch flavors have a fruity and refreshing taste of mango. Sweet, refreshing and balanced. The mango flavor is sweet, but not too sweet! Take me to the mango flavored products

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Honey lemon nicotine gum flavors have a great taste of honey and lemon. The fresh flavors deliver a sweet taste experience. Take me to the Honey Lemon flavored products


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