Black Buffalo Wintergreen Long Cut

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With its fresh, cool Wintergreen flavor, this tobacco-free Black Buffalo dip offers a refreshing, minty hit every time. Moreover, its creators are committing to delivering an authentic experience, including everything except tobacco. It seems to be working, with hundreds of positive reviews.
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Black Buffalo Wintergreen Long Cut

This tobacco-free product uses a mixture of green leaves, food-grade ingredients and pharmaceutical nicotine to recreate the look and feel of old-style chewing tobacco. The Black Buffalo team carefully researched its recipe, taking advice from experts across the Southlands, to find the perfect blend.


Nicotine Strength of Black Buffalo Wintergreen Long Cut

With 7.5mg of nicotine, Black Buffalo's long cut products are comparable with traditional chewing tobacco, but without the tobacco. That might be why many customers report a solid 15-minute buzz from each chew. Black Buffalo Wintergreen long cut is also available in the nicotine-free zero range.


About Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo's herd continues to charge ahead. The Chicago-based company has 10 million customers, attracted by its promise to keep the ritual and ditch the tobacco. The precise content of its tobacco-free products is a trade secret, but you can try for yourself by ordering from our online store.

More Information
Product Info Flavored, Tobacco Free
Brand Black Buffalo
Trademark Owner Black Buffalo Inc
Manufacturer Black Buffalo Inc
Flavor Wintergreen
Net Weight (g) 34.02
Net Weight (oz) 1.2

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