VELO Lozenges Review

Review of VELO Nicotine Lozenges

You were probably introduced to VELO through its easy-to-use nicotine pouches, but VELO also offers modern and unique nicotine lozenges designed for legal adult tobacco users who enjoy having options. What possibly makes these products even more appealing than pouches is that they don’t require you to dispose of anything once you’re finished with use. That means you can use them anytime, anywhere without having to search for the nearest garbage can (although VELO nicotine pouches come in a can that allows you to store your used pouches).


There are two types of lozenges—soft and hard—and each can comes with 12 lozenges per container. The hard lozenges are similar to the texture and bite of a peppermint, while the soft lozenges are soft and flexible. Surprisingly enough, they’re not chewy.

You can shop the products at the VELO Lozenges page. 

Flavors & Strengths of VELO

VELO lozenges come in four different flavors: crema, berry, dark mint, and mint. Crema is a silky flavor that tastes a lot like butterscotch mixed with vanilla. Berry, on the other hand, is more creamy and tastes like a variety of different berries and fruit flavors mixed together. Both mint flavors are exactly what they sound like, minty, but not too peppery.


How to Use the Velo Lozenges?

VELO lozenges are probably one of the easiest nicotine products to use. In fact, the only difficulty you could run into is opening the child-resistant container. Once you’ve opened the container, simply place a lozenge in the side of your mouth and enjoy. Once it dissolves, there is nothing to remove or discard. The length of enjoyment depends on your personal preference as well as your manner of use. 


Can you Swallow Velo Lozenges?

VELO nicotine lozenges are not intended to be swallowed either in whole or in part before they have dissolved completely in your mouth.

Expert Review

VELO’s website mentions that you could experience a tingling sensation when you swallow. However, if that’s not your experience, don’t be concerned. After all, each lozenge contains a nicotine level of 1.67mg in order to deliver a more mellow nicotine experience. If you’re looking to heighten your nicotine kick, just make sure to move the lozenge around in your mouth. Even then, chances are you’ll still only notice a warming sensation. While the duration of the lozenges differ, you should get around 30 minutes out of it or longer. We recommend you give the hard and soft lozenge a try to discover what works best for you.