Can You Overdose on Nicotine?

Nicotine Poisoning - Can You Overdose on Nicotine?


While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll overdose on nicotine, it’s still important to provide education around it. From symptoms to signs, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about nicotine poisoning, and how to avoid it. 


Can You Overdose on Nicotine?

Yes, you can overdose on nicotine. However, as we mentioned above, it is highly unlikely to do so with tobacco-free nicotine pouches, nicotine tablets, nicotine lozenges, and even cigarettes. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “a recent increase in poisonings is due to liquid nicotine, a product in the popular e-cigarette. Poisoning is more common in children due to their smaller size.”


Can You Die from Nicotine Poisoning?


It’s very unlikely for someone to die from nicotine poisoning but it’s not impossible. 


What Is Nicotine Poisoning?


Nicotine poisoning refers to the toxic effects that occur from having too much nicotine in your body. Until recently, nicotine poisoning was pretty rare, but according to the Cleveland Clinic, “today, nicotine poisoning has become a growing concern because of new nicotine products on the market…”


What Causes Nicotine Poisoning?


All tobacco and nicotine products are capable of causing poisoning if consumed in large enough quantities.


Who Does Nicotine Poisoning Mostly Affect?


Nicotine poisoning can affect people of all ages, but those most at risk are children due to their smaller sizes and lower weight. Be sure to keep your nicotine products out of the reach of children, as they can become ill after eating just one cigarette or equivalent.


What Are the Symptoms of Nicotine Poisoning?


Nicotine poisoning happens in two phases: early phase and late phase. In the early phase, symptoms include: Nausea, vomiting, increased salivation, pale skin color, abdominal pain, sweating, increased blood pressure, tremors, headaches, heavy breathing, seizures, and muscle twitching. Symptoms in the late phase include: diarrhea, low blood pressure, slow heart rate, shock, and muscle weakness. 


How Quickly Does Nicotine Poisoning Occur?


The early phase of nicotine poisoning takes place within 15 minutes to an hour and vomiting is the most common symptom. The late phase occurs within 30 minutes to four hours. If you have mild exposure, symptoms last up to hours, and if you have severe exposure, symptoms can last up to 24 hours. 


As a reminder, the average nicotine and tobacco consumer has no reason to be concerned or worried about nicotine poisoning. The most important takeaway is to make sure to keep all of your products out of the reach of children, and to consume responsibly.