Alternatives to Smoking - Effective Substitutes for Quitting

Alternatives to Smoking - Effective Substitutes for Quitting

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 8.1 million U.S adults currently use e-cigarettes and nearly 13 of every 100 U.S. adults are currently smokers. This means that around 38.9 million U.S adults total currently smoke. However, the CDC also found that around 68% of adult smokers want to quit.

As many want to make the transition from smoking to other effective nicotine alternatives to smoking, we comprised a list on why you should look for better alternatives to smoking. 

Why should I look for better alternatives to smoking?

Deciding to transition to other alternatives to smoking can make a difference not only to your own health, but the health of others. Research into the effects of using nicotine alternatives to smoking shows that: 

Those who switched had consistently lower rates of cancer and heart disease versus those who continue to smoke.
The switch also showed that the rates of cancer and heart disease in those who use other nicotine alternatives to smoking where similar to those who quit smoking2.

Some of the other reasons people try to find alternatives to smoking include:

  • Less likely to catch colds or the flu
  • Less likely to have respiratory issues
  • No more discoloration: tobacco products are known for their staining of not only clothes, but also skin and teeth. When you quit smoking, there is no further discoloration.
  • Smoother skin: Once you quit smoking, the skin has the opportunity to repair as your blood flow increases again. This can slow the aging process as well as improve its color.
  • An improved social life

Do I really want to find alternatives to smoking?

Good ways to decide if you are ready to quit includes getting introspective; without your own motivation, transitioning to alternatives to smoking will be much harder to stick to. Stuck on where to start? Ask yourself what it is you don’t like about smoking, how is it affecting your health and what would switching to safer alternatives to smoking mean for me as a start.