What is the Current Tax on Nicotine Products in Oregon?

What is the Current Tax on Nicotine Products in Oregon?

What are the current laws on nicotine in the state of Oregon?

In the state of Oregon, as with most US states, you can buy and use nicotine products if you are aged 21 or over. Other restrictions can apply from county to county: for example, Washington County discussed a ban on flavored nicotine products in their county. For the latest updates and if ever you are unsure about the current legislation, reach out to your local authorities.


What is the Current Tax on Nicotine in Oregon?

All vendors, including online vendors such as Nicokick, are required by law to charge applicable nicotine and sales taxes on purchases (when buying online, this will be reflected in the order total during checkout). 

At the time this article was published, in the state of Oregon there is no general sales or transaction tax. There is also currently no State Excise Tax (SET, also known as nicotine or tobacco tax). 

Can you buy ZYN in Oregon?

The short answer, yes! You can buy all the popular brands of nicotine pouches in Oregon, including ZYN. Wondering where to buy ZYN in Oregon? Try ordering online via Nicokick. Find a wide selection of different nicotine pouch brands.

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