Synthetic Nicotine & Frē Nicotine Pouches


These products first came onto the market in the US back in November of 2020.  They’ve only been around for 3 short months, but their potential can’t be missed.  In this article, I’m going to do an overview of the Frē Nicotine Pouches series, what their made of, and do a little discussion about each of the three flavors:  Mocha, Mint, and Lush!

As most of you probably already know, nicotine pouches are a relatively new phenomenon. However, over the past 4 years I’ve watched them explode in popularity. Heck, in 2020, we saw more nicotine pouch products launch than snus products. So, what goes into a nicotine pouch? Usually two key ingredients. First, some form of plant fiber and cellulose, which is used instead of tobacco. And second, tobacco derived nicotine. While there is no tobacco in a nicotine pouch, these products usually contain nicotine that is derived from tobacco.

This is where Frē differs.  Frē was the first nicotine pouch product launched in the US that contained synthetic nicotine.  Meaning, the nicotine in the product is not tobacco derived.  This revolution really came into play back in October of 2020 when it was announced that DTLP partnered with Next Generation Labs to use their TFN synthetic nicotine.


Next Generation Labs had this to say about the deal:  “Almost all of these products continue to use nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant, and as such, they are not tobacco-free nicotine products.  The TFN-based portion pouches made by Next Generation Labs and Dholakia can legitimately make the claim to be the only 100 percent tobacco-free nicotine pouches available to adult consumers today.”

So, what is TFN synthetic nicotine?

According to their website, It's made using a natural starter, and then they build upon those molecules which yields a chemically pure, synthetic nicotine..  TFN synthetic nicotine doesn't have any of the residual impurities you would commonly find in tobacco derived nicotine.  While most nicotine pouches can claim to be tobacco free because they don’t contain nicotine, Frē Nicotine Pouches can make the claim that they are completely tobacco free, due to the inclusion of this synthetic nicotine.

The Frē line now contains 3 flavors and 2 strengths:  Mocha (9mg)Mocha (12mg)Mint (9mg)Mint (12mg)Lush (9mg), and Lush (12mg).  I won’t do full reviews in this article, but I did want to give a rundown of the products themselves. 

Frē Nicotine Pouches: Mocha

Flavor Description:  “Frē Mocha provides a robust dose of nicotine with an electrifying espresso splash and the smoothness of decadent cocoa.”

Nicotine Levels:  9mg/portion and 12mg/portion


I’ve been in the game for a while, and I’ve seen a lot of coffee products.  Some good ones, some bad ones.  In terms of nicotine pouches, I’ve only had maybe one coffee pouch prior to this one that I thought was “good”.  This one, however, is something special.  They really nailed the flavor with this one.  It’s very well balanced, and quite enjoyable in nature. 

Frē Nicotine Pouches: Mint

Flavor Description:  “Frē Mint provides a robust dose of nicotine with a fresh kick of cool mint.”

Nicotine Levels:  9mg/portion and 12mg/portion


I know, you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking:  the world needs more mint products!  No, I’m kidding, no one is thinking that.  Because, there’s so, so many out there already.  However this one certainly stands out.  In terms of peppermint flavors, it’s certainly more mild, and well balanced.  Of all the peppermint nicotine pouches I’ve had so far, I certainly enjoyed the flavor of this one the most. 

Frē Nicotine Pouches: Lush

Flavor Description:  “Frē Lush provides a robust dose of nicotine with a harmonious blend of sweet and tropical undertones.”

Nicotine Levels:  9mg/portion and 12mg/portion


This one was pretty unique.  If I had to describe it best, I’d say it’s kind of like a tropical citrus.  It’s an easy, breezy, tropical, tart citrusy flavor.  I haven’t really had a nicotine pouch that has a flavor that is similar to this one.  I like unique flavors, and when something doesn’t taste like everything else out there, I find myself impressed.  This product is certainly an impressive one.


So, where does this lead us from here?  Well, I think moving forward we will see a lot more companies moving to synthetic nicotine and away from tobacco derived nicotine.  One of the main points about nicotine pouches is that they are tobacco-free.  Now that synthetic nicotine is on the market, more companies are probably going to want to be able to claim their product is 100% tobacco free.  Using synthetic nicotine allows them to make those assertions.  For the consumer, the experience is negligible however.  I don’t notice a difference in the nicotine sensation, delivery, or experience from tobacco-derived nicotine to synthetic nicotine. 

All that being said, I think Frē Nicotine Pouches are the best nicotine pouches on the market today.  Turning Point, DTLP, and Next Generation Labs really nailed this.  From start to finish, top to bottom, it really doesn’t get any better.  If I personally was going to switch to a US based nicotine pouch product, these would be the first ones I reach for.  Not just because of the synthetic nicotine, but because they’re really solid products.  Very soft portions, great flavors, and a good, steady nicotine delivery at a level higher than most other nicotine pouches sold in the US.

If you’ve never had Frē before, you owe it to yourself to try them out.