Nicokick Launches New Warehouse for Fast delivery of Nicotine Pouches in Texas

Nicokick Launches New Warehouse for Fast delivery of Nicotine Pouches in Texas

Missouri City, Texas -- Haypp Group is proud to announce it has opened a new warehouse in Missouri City, Texas to further enhance the company's distribution capabilities of nicotine pouches across the southern US and effectively cut Texas consumers' shipping times in half. This new opening will also increase product capacity in the region as the company continues to grow, while contributing an estimated $230,000 to the state's economy in 2022 alone.

"The demand for smokeless nicotine products in the US is higher than ever. The launch of this new warehouse will help us meet that demand by providing Americans with convenient access to their favorite smokeless nicotine pouches and other products by strengthening our online offerings. Online customers are looking for convenience and value, Haypp Group listened and continually offers its consumers the best pricing on the widest and most relevant variety of product with the fastest delivery possible," said Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs at Nicokick's parent company, the Haypp Group.

"This new facility will also contribute significantly to our e-commerce growth, making our alternative tobacco products more accessible than ever as Texans move toward online shopping. Not only will our customers feel the positive impacts of this opening, but the surrounding region will see a positive economic impact. Haypp Group is committed to providing our customers with the best smokeless nicotine products around and we look forward to becoming part of the Missouri City community."

Tobacco-free oral nicotine pouches, a product not widely available before 2017, has registered the highest growth rate in worldwide retail sales among all nicotine product categories over the past three years. With increasing demand for next-generation nicotine products, the oral nicotine market is expected to continue growing exponentially in North America.

Nicokick is one of the fastest growing retailers in this industry, expanding by more than 109% over the past year. In Texas, Nicokick already owns roughly 5.8% of the nicotine pouch market and is expected to sell more than 100,000 cans to Texans this month alone.