Strongest Nicotine Pouches

Strongest Nicotine Pouches


We here at Nicokick take pride in offering the best, and widest selection of nicotine pouches—amongst other nicotine products—at competitive prices. However, there is one category we actively choose not to sell, and that’s extremely high strength nicotine pouches. What do we mean by extremely high strength? Well, strength is really all about perspective. To one person, a 6 mg pouch could be strong, while to another, a 20 mg pouch is the lowest strength they’ll consume. To us, there’s no specific number in mind, but the maximum nicotine strength we currently sell is 15 mg.



Just because we only offer up to 15 mg strength nicotine pouches doesn’t mean that higher strengths don’t exist though. In fact, European nicotine pouch brands like Chainsaw, Siberia, and Thunder X offer up to 45 mg of nicotine strength.


Again, we choose not to sell the strongest nicotine pouches because we take pride in providing you not only the best, but most pleasant nicotine experiences as possible. We also encourage consumers to use nicotine pouches responsibly, and in doing so, we must make important decisions that impact the inventory we offer. We promise that every decision we make is with you, our customers, in mind.


What Is the Strongest Nicotine Pouch That Nicokick Sells?


Now that we’ve discussed high strength nicotine pouches that we don’t sell, let’s introduce the strong nicotine pouches that we do sell.


1. FRĒ

Currently coming in first with the highest mg nicotine pouches on our website is FRĒ. This brand offers 9 mg, 12 mg, and 15 mg pouches. If you’re considering a higher strength nicotine pouch than what you’re currently using, this is a great brand to try. FRĒ has a reputation of being a high-impact nicotine product because it’s both fast-acting and long-lasting. If you’re unsure of which flavor to purchase, FRĒ also has mix packs, which allows you to test different flavors while saving money at the same time.

FRE Mint 15MG Nicotine Pouches
FRE Wintergreen 12MG Nicotine Pouches
  • $1.99
    ($1.99 / can)
  • $9.95
    ($1.99 / can)
  • $19.90
    ($1.99 / can)
  • $49.75
    ($1.99 / can)
  • $99.50
    ($1.99 / can)


2. Lucy

Coming in second is Lucy’s slim nicotine pouches, which are available in 8 mg and 12 mg nicotine strength. Chances are, you’re familiar with Lucy, but not because of their nicotine pouches. Prior to launching nicotine pouches in 2021, Lucy was well-known for its nicotine gum. Now, Lucy also offers tobacco-free nicotine pouch options for consumers that have grown to expect both quality and convenience from their nicotine experience. Prepare for your expectations to be exceeded when trying this brand.

Lucy Mango 12MG Nicotine Pouches
  • $4.69
    ($4.69 / can)
  • $23.45
    ($4.69 / can)
  • $45.00
    ($4.50 / can)
  • $107.75
    ($4.31 / can)
  • $206.50
    ($4.13 / can)



If any of these brands caught your attention, you can easily purchase FRĒ and Lucy on our website. Finding the perfect nicotine pouch isn’t always easy, which is why we offer a wide selection. Buy nicotine pouches online at today and discover a new favorite!