Nicotine Pouches Strength Guide

Nicotine Pouches Strength Guide

Nicotine pouches have become a popular alternative to traditional tobacco products, offering a discreet and smoke-free way to consume nicotine. With a wide range of brands and flavors available, it can be overwhelming trying to understand the different nicotine strengths and what they mean. In this guide, we will explain how to interpret nicotine strength labels and help you choose the right strength for you.


How to Interpret the Different Nicotine Strength Labels

When browsing for tobacco leaf-free nicotine pouches, you may have noticed that different brands use different labelling systems for their nicotine strength. While all nicotine pouches in the U.S. are required to list the mg nicotine strength on the can, some brands also add extra labelling such as dots or simply stating "strong" or "regular". So, what do these labels actually mean? 


  • If there are dots on the can: if the strength scale has two or more dots on the front, they are considered to be on the stronger side. Generally, regular strength nicotine pouches fall within the range of two dots or less.


  • If there are categories such as “strong” and “regular” on the can: Several brands incorporate a designation, such as "strong", "extra strong", or "super strong", which considers the entire experience. This goes beyond just the nicotine level and takes into consideration factors such as the speed of nicotine release and the flavors used. However, these labels do not always explicitly indicate the amount of nicotine present. This is why we have our own categorization on Nicokick (which you will find out more about later in this guide)!


How Much Nicotine is in Each Pouch? Measuring Nicotine Pouches Strength

In the United States, nicotine strength is typically labelled on the can in milligrams per pouch as a universal measurement. However, some brands may use milligrams per gram (mg/g) as a measure of nicotine strength, which can be confusing. If you spot a can that uses mg/g, if you want to convert it to mg per pouch you can simply multiply the nicotine strength by the net weight of the pouch. 


For example, if a pouch has a nicotine strength of 15mg/g and a net weight of 2g, the total amount of nicotine in the pouch would be 30mg.


What Does MG Stand For?

When it comes to nicotine pouches, understanding the strength of the product is crucial as it will help you pick the right pouch. This is where the term "MG'' comes into play. MG stands for milligrams and refers to the amount of nicotine contained in each pouch or per gram. The higher the MG, the stronger the pouch will be.


Typically, nicotine pouch strengths range from 3mg to 15mg, with some brands offering even stronger options. However, Nicokick prioritizes product quality so we ensure all products are laboratory tested before they hit our online storefront. The highest nicotine content per pouch we offer is 20mg, as this is the maximum amount that is recommended for a nicotine pouch, and also ensure the pH and other factors that impact the pouch experience are tested. Our Nicokick product standards were established to ensure that you get quality products, as well as to develop a sustainable product and market growth in the oral nicotine category.


What Are the Different Nicotine Strengths of Pouches?

Nicotine pouches are categorized into four different categories on Nicokick (less intense, regular, strong, or extra strong) based on their nicotine content. The amount of nicotine in a pouch can vary greatly, so it's important to understand the differences between each strength level. Here is an overview of the different categories:


  • Low Strength Nicotine Pouches (2-3MG): These nicotine pouches have the lowest nicotine levels. Each pouch contains between 2mg to 3mg of nicotine.
  • Regular Strength Nicotine Pouches (4-6MG): These nicotine pouches are the most popular on Nicokick, with pouches in this category containing between 4mg to 6mg of nicotine.
  • Strong Nicotine Pouches (7-9MG): These pouches can be categorized as strong oral nicotine pouches, with each pouch containing between 7mg to 9mg of nicotine.
  • Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches (10-15MG): These are the strongest nicotine pouches on Nicokick, and each pouch contains between 10mg to 15mg of nicotine.


Can Flavors Affect Nicotine Strength?

The nicotine strength in pouches is determined by the amount of nicotine contained in each pouch. Flavors do not impact the level of nicotine in the pouch in terms of the milligrams (mg) content.  However, the flavor itself can affect the perceived strength of the nicotine. Flavors can play a role in how strong a nicotine pouch may feel. Mint and menthol flavors can intensify how strong a nicotine pouch can feel, while flavors like cinnamon, berry, or unflavored may not feel as strong when compared side by side. For example, a 6mg nicotine pouch in a strong mint flavor may make the pouch feel stronger, while a 6mg pouch in a sweet flavor may not feel as strong in comparison. 


This is why it is important to consider both the nicotine strength and flavor when choosing a pouch!


Which Nicotine Pouches Strength Should You Choose?

Choosing the right nicotine strength is important in finding the right pouch for you. Some of the things you should consider when choosing a nicotine pouch includes:


  • Your Nicotine Tolerance. If you are an experienced nicotine user, you may have a higher tolerance for nicotine. In this case, you may want to opt for a stronger nicotine strength vs someone who has a lower tolerance.
  • Pouch Flavor. Depending on which flavor and brand you choose, how strong the pouch feels can be impacted. You may want to consider this when choosing a pouch.
  • Dry vs Moist Pouches. Dry pouches typically have more sustained release vs moist pouches, which is something to consider when choosing a pouch. 

It is always good to ensure you use nicotine pouches in moderation and to always start with a lower nicotine strength if in doubt - if the strength is too high, it can cause some side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and headaches.


Nicotine Levels by Brand

To make it easier for you to compare nicotine strengths, we have created a chart that lists the different strengths offered by popular brands like ZYN, Rogue, VELO, and more. See the chart below for a nicotine strength chart for all the brands we currently offer on Nicokick (last updated January 2024).


Brand Number of Nicotine Strength Options Lowest mg Nicotine Pouches Highest mg Nicotine Pouches
ZYN  2 3mg 6mg
Rogue 2 3mg 6mg
On! 3 2mg 8mg
VELO 2 4mg 7mg
Juice Head 2 6mg 12mg
FRE 3 9mg 15mg
zone 2 6mg 9mg
Lucy 3 4mg 12mg
Sesh+ 3 4mg 8mg
NIC-S 3 3mg 9mg


Understanding nicotine strength labels and how they can affect your experience with nicotine pouches is important to have the best possible experience from your nicotine pouches. Remember to start with a lower strength if you are not sure which strength is right for you and consider both the nicotine content as well as flavor when choosing your pouch. With this guide and our nicotine strength chart, you can make an informed decision and find the right nicotine strength for you.


Nicotine Pouch Strength FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the strength of nicotine pouches.

  • It depends on your personal tolerance and how you react to nicotine. For some, 6mg may be too strong, while for others it may be the right amount. 

  • 3mg of nicotine is considered a less intense nicotine strength based on our Nicokick categorization.

  • The highest nicotine content per pouch we offer on Nicokick is 20mg, as this is the maximum amount that is recommended for a nicotine pouch.