What is the Legal Age to Buy Nicotine in Pennsylvania? (City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

What is the Legal Age to Buy Nicotine in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania acts under Federal Law, where the minimum age of sale for tobacco products is 21 years old. However, on a state level, they also have Act 112 or 2002, which prohibits the sale of any tobacco, nicotine or related item to anyone under the age of 21. However, as regulation is prone to rapid change, please contact your local authorities if ever you have questions about local legislation.


Is There a Tax on Nicotine Pouches (such as ZYNs)?

By law, all online vendors are required (by law) to charge any applicable sales and nicotine taxes on purchases. When you make a purchase online, this will be shown in the order total when you go to checkout.

Currently in Pennsylvania, there is a sales tax of 6% - but in Allegheny County, an additional 1% is tacked onto your purchase, and in Philadelphia, an additional 2% local tax is added to purchases made in the region. So note there may be some differences depending on which country city you are buying in. 

State Excise Tax (SET), which is known as tobacco or nicotine tax, is not applied on nicotine pouches in Pennsylvania. However, for tobacco products all states apply SET.

What Are the Most Popular Nicotine Pouch Brands in Pennsylvania?

Each state has different taste preferences, but in Pennsylvania, the current brands that are most popular include: