How to Keep Your Nicotine Pouches Fresh

Where to keep your nicotine pouches so that they remain fresh. Nicotine pouches are still fairly new to the market compared to their tobacco-based relatives such as snus and snuff. As such, the usage and storage of nicotine pouches may be unfamiliar to new consumers – and may cause confusion when changes in texture and appearance arise. But fret not – we have you covered! Here is a short guide on how best to keep your nicotine pouches fresh.


The Two Types of Nicotine Pouches

Amidst the various flavors and brands of nicotine pouches to choose from, you also need to decide between dry and moist nicotine pouches. Moist nicotine pouches include a bit of water in their ingredients, while dry pouches do not – which of course earns it the title of “dry”. Moreover, whereas the moist pouches absorb more quickly into the bloodstream, the dry nicotine pouches require the user’s saliva to begin the nicotine uptake, and therefore their effect tends to take a little longer to kick in.

How to Store the Different Types of Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are incredibly convenient, as they only need to be kept at room temperature. Therefore, you can easily keep them in your bag or jacket pocket to ensure that you do not forget them when leaving the house. We recommend not leaving your can of pouches in the car or in direct sunlight, as they can become hot and dry out.

Nevertheless, many users of moist nicotine pouches feel that the fridge is the best place to store this variant. They argue that the fridge keeps the pouches from losing their moisture and becoming more dry. This is of course a matter of preference, and it is best to experiment for yourself to see what you prefer.


Do Nicotine Pouches Have an Expiry Date?

Nicotine pouches do come with a best-before date, which is clearly printed on the can. However, nicotine pouches cannot expire or “go bad”. The expiry date merely indicates when your pouches will be at their freshest. Once the date has passed, you can still consume them, but the strength, taste and consistency may be somewhat altered.

If you notice that your nicotine pouches have turned slightly yellow, do not worry! Over time, nicotine naturally takes on a yellow hue – as can occasionally be seen with cigarettes. You can still enjoy the yellow pouches without any concerns.

Basically, nicotine pouches are very easy and convenient, and do not require all that much maintenance. Find out what fits your particular lifestyle the best and simply enjoy!