How to Use Nicotine Gum

How to Use Nicotine Gum


Are you new to nicotine gum? Even if you aren’t, it probably can’t hurt to have a little refresher on how to use it. Sure, some of you are probably thinking, “how hard is it to chew gum?” But nicotine gum is not like traditional chewing gum, and there is a proper way to use it in order for you to maximize its effectiveness.



How to Use Nicotine Gum Properly?

To use nicotine gum correctly, you must bite down slowly on the gum until you feel a slight tingling sensation in your mouth. Then you “park” the gum by placing it between the inside of your cheek and gums, which allows the nicotine to absorb into your body.


How Long to Chew Nicotine Gum?

You can experience nicotine gum for as long or as little as you prefer, but the flavor lasts for up to 30 minutes. Remember, with nicotine gum, you’re not chewing the entire time, as much of the experience is about parking the gum in order to get your desired nicotine kick. 

How Many Pieces of Nicotine Gum Per Day?

How often to chew nicotine gum in a day really depends on your personal preference. What’s so nice about this product is that you can instantly access and consume it anytime you crave nicotine. Essentially, this means that you can have as many or as little pieces as you like.


Is Nicotine Gum Safe?

Nicotine gum is FDA-approved, but it’s still important to store it out of reach of children and pets, as it may have enough nicotine to make them both sick. We recommend that when you’re done chewing a piece, wrap it in paper and immediately dispose of it in the trash. In the case that there is an accidental ingestion, contact a Poison Control Center immediately. 


How Much Nicotine Gum Should I Consume in a Day?

If you still have strong cravings while using nicotine gum, make sure you are using the gum often enough and that you’re using a strong enough dose. You can chew as much or as little nicotine gum in a day as you prefer, so if you need to chew a second piece of gum within the hour, then definitely do so. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s best to use at least 9 pieces of nicotine gum per day for the first 6 weeks, especially if you’re using it to quit smoking. They also recommend you using up to 24 pieces of gum per day, and adding the nicotine patch as well if you’re still having cravings to smoke.


Will Nicotine Gum Stick to Dentures?

Nicotine gum is sugar-free, but in some cases, it is possible that the gum could stick to dentures or other dental work like partial bridges or dental caps. If that’s the case, you may need to choose another tobacco-free nicotine option to use instead.