ZYN 3MG vs. 6MG Pouches - What's The Difference?

It can be hard to know how strong a nicotine pouch will be without trying it, especially if you are new to nicotine pouches or are switching between brands. With each brand representing strengths in different ways, it can also feel like you are spending a lot of time decoding what the strength indicator really means for you. ZYN is a popular nicotine pouch brand with around 10 different ZYN flavors and two nicotine ZYN strengths to pick from. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. This guide walks you through how to find the right ZYN strength for you - comparing ZYN 3mg vs 6mg pouches. 


ZYN 3 vs 6 Overview

When looking at both of these ZYN pouches side by side, the similarities between both ZYN 3 vs 6 include:


  • Flavor List (both ZYN 3 and ZYN 6 are available in 10 different flavors)
  • Number of Pouches Per Can (no matter which of the ZYN strengths you try, each can contains 20 ZYNs)
  • Ingredients (the ingredients list is basically identical, apart from the amount of nicotine)

There is only one real difference between ZYN 3 and 6 (which you may have spotted by now): the ZYN mg levels per pouch. The ZYN 3 pouches contain 3mg of nicotine per pouch versus the ZYN 6 pouches that contain 6mg of nicotine per pouch.


How Do You Decide between ZYN 3 vs 6?

When it comes to choosing between the ZYN strengths 3 vs 6, it is ultimately down to personal preference. To help make the decision easier, you should consider your prior experience with nicotine and the flavors you enjoy:


  • Nicotine Tolerance. How often and how much nicotine you use will determine which strength is better suited to you. 
  • Flavor. The flavor you choose can impact how intense the ZYN pouches' strength feels.

However, ultimately the decision between ZYN 3mg vs 6mg is a personal choice, and we cannot select the best one for you. However, if you consider the above, you can make an informed decision on which ZYN pouch is the right one for you. If in doubt though, it is always better to start with a less intense nicotine strength. 


How Much Nicotine Content is in a ZYN?

When looking at the ZYN pouches nicotine content, you will find 2 different options. ZYN pouches come in either a 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength. The number you find on the can refers to the number of mg of nicotine per pouch. In the U.S., you will find that the can has either 3mg or 6mg written on the lid to ensure you know what ZYN strength you are getting. 


Even though the amount of nicotine (or ZYN mg) in these nicotine pouches doesn’t change, there are some factors that can impact how strong a pouch feels including the flavor you choose and how dry the pouch is. 


The Impact of Flavors on ZYN Strength Levels

You may be wondering why considering the flavors you like is important and how it can impact the ZYN strength. The main reason to factor flavor into your choice between ZYN 3 vs 6 is that certain flavors can intensify the feeling you get from the nicotine strength. An example is if you use any of the ZYN citrus or ZYN mint flavors, they create a very different nicotine experience vs the nicotine feel you get from other ZYN pouches. The mint and citrus flavors tend to add to the intensity of the feeling you get from the nicotine, so if you want a ZYN experience where the flavor doesn’t impact the feel of the strength consider trying ZYN Cinammon or ZYN Smooth. Both of these flavors do not intensify the feeling you get from the strength. 


The Impact of Dryness on ZYN Strength Levels

While the actual ZYN strength will not be impacted (the ZYN mg strength doesn’t change), the dryness of the pouch can impact the intensity you feel from the ZYNs.


Most American pouches are dry, the same goes for ZYN. The reason being that dry pouches tend to have a more sustained release vs more moist nicotine pouches.


So, Which ZYN Pouches (3mg vs 6mg) Should You Choose?

Overall, whether you choose the ZYN levels 3 or 6 will be down to your personal preferences - however, we hope that some of the information in this guide will help you choose between ZYN 3 vs 6. If you are still in doubt - just remember that if in doubt it is better to start off with a lower strength than to start too high.


If you want to know more about ZYN, check out our ZYN review guide to see what our customers have to say. 




ZYN Strengths FAQ

  • The 3mg nicotine level in ZYN pouches is considered low. This strength is suitable for those seeking a less intense usage of nicotine, as the 3mg nicotine content in ZYN is not so overwhelming.

  • The 6mg ZYN option falls into the regular strength category for nicotine pouches. Other brands available at Nicokick, such as On! or FRE, offer stronger or extra strong nicotine levels.

  • The ZYN nicotine levels are available in two different nicotine strengths, 3mg and 6mg.