Stop Flavor Bans



Stop Flavor Bans


Flavor bans are the wrong approach - and could lead to worse health care outcomes. Sign our petition if you agree!


Nicokick has seen a rapidly growing number of Americans switch to a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle and choose smokeless flavored nicotine products. For the majority of our customers, our products are a way to quit their tobacco usage altogether and achieve the benefits that come from quitting, especially in terms of health and well-being.


However, flavor bans threaten to undo the progress these users have made and create widespread unintended public health risks to adult users who may now have no realistic option but to switch to cigarettes.


A growing body of evidence shows that flavor plays a critical role in attracting and retaining smokers into the category of less harmful products, and that flavor bans may increase cigarette smoking.


Our own consumer data shows that flavored nicotine products are most popular among former smokers.


Flavor bans don’t work, and though concerns about youth use of e-cigarettes are serious and justified, the unnecessary overreach will make it difficult for adult tobacco users to switch to less harmful smoke-free products.