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ZYN Smooth

ZYN Smooth is for anyone seeking a tobacco leaf-free nicotine experience with no added flavors. This plain pouch is as discreet as they come and available in 3mg or 6mg strengths through Nicokick.

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ZYN 6mg Smooth Nicotine Pouches
ZYN 3mg Smooth Nicotine Pouches

ZYN Smooth Nicotine Pouches

From the #1 nicotine pouch brand in the U.S. comes ZYN Smooth, a completely unflavored, tobacco leaf-free nicotine pouch. Designed for people who prefer a neutral nicotine experience, these pouches can be used anytime, anywhere, due to their small size and lack of smell/taste. Manufactured by Swedish Match, ZYN Smooth has the same commitment to quality as other ZYNs, but without any flavor additives. 


ZYN Smooth Flavor

What you see is what you get with ZYN Smooth! They are a tobacco leaf-free, flavor-free option from ZYN, perfectly suited to people who don’t want any sort of sweetness, fruitiness or mintiness from their pouch – just the nicotine. You will find ZYN Chill is the only other non-flavored variety of ZYN currently available in the U.S., but even this has more of a cooling sensation than ZYN Smooth. 


Buy ZYN Smooth Online Buy ZYN Smooth Online

Nicotine Strength of ZYN Smooth

Choose between ZYN Smooth 3mg and ZYN Smooth 6mg based on how intense you want the nicotine concentration to be per pouch. It could help to know that 3mg is considered Normal by ZYN’s standards, and 6mg is Strong. All pouches can last in your mouth for up to an hour in terms of flavor and nicotine release, however, you may wish to change pouches more or less frequently based on your personal preference and consumption patterns throughout the day.  


ZYN Smooth Reviews

Perhaps you’re still wondering, “but what do ZYN Smooth nicotine pouches actually taste like?” The best we can do is point you in the direction of some customers who’ve tried them. 


Perfection in a can 
“I have been seeking an unflavored nicotine pouch for quite some time now, and Zyn Smooth knocks the nail right on the head.”

– Jake


Best “unflavored” 
“I’ve tried several different brands of unflavored, this is my favorite.”



The best 
“I’ve been using them for about 5 years.. the only one I like!!”

– Bullfrog  


Clearly ZYN has done something right with their approach to flavor-free nicotine pouches. If you’re after a truly neutral nicotine experience, you can’t go past it – but if you’re not 100% sure, why not try ZYN Smooth alongside four other flavors in our 6mg Variety Pack? 


Buying ZYN Smooth Online

By purchasing ZYN Smooth nicotine pouches through Nicokick, you can enjoy an equally smooth customer experience. We sell single cans for around $4, or you can stock up with rolls of 5, 10, 25 and 50 cans (each containing 15 pouches) with constant on-site deals. 

We work together with reliable payment partners like Visa, Mastercard, Klarna and PayPal – plus delivery services such as UPS and FedEx, so you can trust that your order is in safe hands when shipped from one of our three U.S. warehouses. 

We also take the age verification of all our customers when placing and receiving an order very seriously, since these nicotine products are intended for adults (21+) only.