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ZYN Cool Mint

ZYN Cool Mint tobacco leaf-free nicotine pouches have an icy burst of mint flavor. Buy ZYN Cool Mint pouches with great prices and fast shipping through UPS & FedEx at Nicokick!

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ZYN Cool Mint 3 MG
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ZYN Cool Mint 6 MG

ZYN Cool Mint Nicotine Pouches 

Get to know the #1 nicotine pouch brand in the U.S. with ZYN Cool Mint – a go-to flavor for people who prefer a slightly stronger, more invigorating burst of mint. Manufactured by Swedish Match, these pouches have a dry mouth feel and are available in either 3mg or 6mg strengths. 

ZYN Cool Mint Flavor

These ZYN nicotine pouches deliver on their “cool mint” promise, with an icy blast of menthol freshness that lingers in your mouth long after the pouch is removed. Fans of ZYN Spearmint or ZYN Wintergreen pouches may also enjoy this flavor, but it has been known to intensify the tingling experience for some. The steady nicotine release can last for anywhere between 40 minutes and an hour. 


ZYN Cool Mint cans ZYN Cool Mint cans

Nicotine Strength of ZYN Cool Mint 

Depending on your preference and level of nicotine tolerance, you will find ZYN Cool Mint available to order in both ZYN 3mg or ZYN 6mg varieties. Each can of ZYN contains 15 slim pouches, designed to be discreetly “parked” between your top lip and gum.  

ZYN Cool Mint Reviews 

But don’t just take our word for it – have a look at what some of our customers have to say. 


Best Flavor   
“Cool Mint is by far the best flavor that ZYN has to offer. I have tried all of ZYN’s flavors and this is my favorite. It’s refreshing and leaves a great after taste.”

– Previous Copenhagen user 


First Time 
“These are the first I tried from Zyn, and one of my favorites. For me, these taste better than the Wintergreen which isn't bad. I like both, so I switch between the two.”

– Allan  


Love this stuff   
“I really love that this product does not stain my teeth. The cooling sensation of mint is great!! Favorite.”

– Julia W 


Why Buy ZYN Cool Mint at Nicokick

Nicokick offers a seamless customer experience with the added security of on-site age verification and the convenience of free shipping for orders over $30. 
You can purchase a single can of ZYN Cool Mint for around $4, or alternatively in rolls of 5, 10, 25 and 50 at a reduced cost per can. But if this is just one of the flavors you’re curious to try, why not order a 3mg or 6mg ZYN Variety Pack to experience other popular ZYNs and see what all the fuss is about?  
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