Lucy Breakers

The Lucy Breakers are a one-of-a-kind nicotine pouch exclusive to Lucy. Order the new Lucy Breakers range on Nicokick!

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Lucy Breakers Mint 8MG
  • $4.99
  • $24.95
  • $47.90
  • $114.75
  • $224.50
Lucy Breakers Mango 8MG
  • $4.99
  • $24.95
  • $47.90
  • $114.75
  • $224.50
Lucy Breakers Espresso 8MG
  • $4.99
  • $24.95
  • $47.90
  • $114.75
  • $224.50
Lucy Breakers Apple Cider 4MG
  • $4.99
  • $24.95
  • $47.90
  • $114.75
  • $224.50
Lucy Breakers Mango 4MG
  • $4.99
  • $24.95
  • $47.90
  • $114.75
  • $224.50
Lucy Breakers Berry Citrus 4MG
Lucy Breakers Espresso 4MG
Lucy Breakers 4MG Mixpack
Lucy Breakers Apple Cider 8MG
Lucy Breakers Apple Ice 4MG
Lucy Breakers Berry Citrus 8MG
Lucy Breakers Apple Ice 8MG
Lucy Breakers Mint 4MG
Lucy Breakers 8MG Mixpack

What are Lucy Breakers?

Lucy Breakers offer a unique twist on the classic nicotine pouch, made in the US Lucy Breakers are some of the bestselling nicotine pouches in the US. Lucy Breakers are the only nicotine pouches that feature a liquid-filled flavor capsule. These breaker capsules release a burst of long-lasting flavor and moisten the pouch for a soft pouch feel. All Lucy nicotine pouches, including Lucy Breakers, are made with synthetic nicotine for a 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouch experience. 


Lucy Breakers come in 6 different flavors, available in either a 4mg or 8mg per pouch nicotine strength. Buy your Lucy Breakers on Nicokick today!


Popular Lucy Breaker Flavors

There are currently six flavors of Lucy Breakers pouches:


  • Lucy Breakers Mint: A cool spearmint flavored pouch.
  • Lucy Breakers Mango: A sweet, tropical mango flavor.
  • Lucy Breakers Apple Ice: Combining the fruit flavor of cider with the crispness of mint. 
  • Lucy Breakers Berry Citrus: A flavor combination of berries and citrus. 
  • Lucy Breakers Espresso: A new flavor addition to the Lucy Breakers range, with a coffee flavor. 
  • Lucy Breakers Apple Cider: A new flavor addition to the Lucy Breakers range, with a flavor of apple. 


But which are the bestselling Lucy Breakers pouches on Nicokick? The top 3 Lucy Breakers pouches are:

  1. Lucy Breakers Mango 8mg
  2. Lucy Breakers Mint 4mg
  3. Lucy Breakers Apple Ice 8mg


Lucy Breakers Nicotine Strengths (MG) 

The Lucy Breakers pouches come in two different nicotine strengths: 4mg and 8mg.

  • 4mg: this is the lowest Lucy Breakers nicotine strength, with each pouch containing 4mg of nicotine.
  • 8mg: these are the strongest Lucy Breakers, with each pouch containing 8mg of nicotine.

These strengths are universal, but the strength you actually feel from the pouch can depend on the flavor pouch you pick and the dryness of the pouch.


How Are Lucy Breakers Different From Lucy Nicotine Pouches?

Both Lucy Slim and Lucy Breakers are nicotine pouches - the main difference between the two is the added capsule in Lucy Breakers. Lucy Breakers offer a unique twist on the classic nicotine pouch (like Lucy Slim), and are the only nicotine pouches in the US that feature a liquid-filled flavor capsule. These breakers release long-lasting flavor and moisten the pouch for a soft pouch feel. 


How to Use Lucy Breakers

Using Lucy Breakers is not too different from using a regular nicotine pouch, there is just the extra step of breaking the capsule. 


To make the most of your Lucy Breakers pouches, here are 5 simple steps to follow:

  1. Pop a Lucy Breaker in your mouth
  2. Park it between your lip and gum
  3. When you’re ready for a rush of flavor, just break open the flavor capsule gently with your teeth, then pop the pouch back in place
  4. Leave it for up to 30 minutes (Pro Tip: move the pouch a little if you want a little extra release)
  5. Take out the pouch and put it in the trash

Lucy Breakers Prices and Multipacks

You can find top Lucy Breakers prices on Nicokick! You can buy Lucy Breakers nicotine pouches as individual cans or in multipacks of 5, 10, 25 and 50 cans. 


Buy Lucy Breakers Online

Rather than searching the internet for “Lucy Breakers near me” and hoping you can find your favorite flavor in a local store, order your favorites on Nicokick!


Buy nicotine pouches on Nicokick and get your favorite nicotine pouches delivered directly to your door. Nicokick offers fast shipping, competitive prices, and we ship to almost every state in the U.S. You can also take advantage of our subscription service — That way you can have your favorite Lucy Breakers flavors delivered to your home. 


Lucy Breakers FAQ

  • To buy and use Lucy Breakers, you must be over 21 years old.

  • You can buy Lucy Breakers on Nicokick. You can also buy Lucy Breakers in some selected convenience or grocery stores, but the best place to buy your Lucy Breaker nicotine pouches is online.

  • Lucy Breakers come in packs of 1,5,10, 25 or 50: if you buy the multipacks of 10,25 or 50 cans, you can get the best prices on Lucy Breakers. 

  • Each puck of Lucy Breakers comes with 15 pouches.

  • As with all nicotine pouches, there is a “best before” date (which is printed on the base of each can of Lucy). In order to get the best experience from your nicotine pouches, we recommend you use them before that date. 

    Using your Lucy pouches after this date may reduce the nicotine and flavor impact. 

  • There are 6 Lucy Breakers flavors:

    • Lucy Breakers Mango
    • Lucy Breakers Apple Ice
    • Lucy Breakers Mint
    • Lucy Breakers Berry Citrus
    • Lucy Breakers Apple Cider
    • Lucy Breakers Espresso
  • The most popular Breakers on Nicokick are the Lucy Breakers Mango 8mg

  • Lucy Breakers pouches contain nicotine and the following ingredients: Erythritol, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, food-grade flavors, calcium lactate, MCT, sucralose, and potassium sorbate. Lucy Breakers are also sugar-free.

  • Yes, you can swallow Lucy Breakers spit. However, you should never swallow the Lucy Breakers pouch itself. 

  • Lucy Goods, Inc. owns Lucy.