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Black Buffalo is an advanced smokeless tobacco alternative that provides a superior nicotine experience without using any tobacco stem or leaf. Each nicotine pouch is made from edible green leaves, pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and food-grade ingredients to deliver a wow-worthy taste and top-notch texture. However, what makes Black Buffalo so unique isn’t just about what they put in their pouches, but also how they continue to charge ahead. Join the herd and discover their nicotine pouches for yourself.


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What Are Black Buffalo Nicotine Pouches?

Black Buffalo nicotine pouches deliver the same exact nicotine experience you’d get with traditional smokeless tobacco, minus the tobacco leaf or stem. If you’d like to ditch nicotine too, you can also try their nicotine-free ZERO pouches which contain zero tobacco or nicotine. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice or compromise when it comes to taste, texture or overall enjoyment.

Did you know that Black Buffalo also offers tobacco-free dip?

What’s Inside Black Buffalo Products?

While Black Buffalo doesn’t disclose every single ingredient inside of their products (it’s considered a trade secret), they do share that over 20,000 hours of research and development were involved before even launching. What we do know is that in order to make their unique nicotine pouches, they use a very specific variety of edible green leaves, food-safe ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

What Do Black Buffalo Products Taste Like?

Black Buffalo products taste just as quality as any other tobacco product you’ve had in the past. In fact, there’s a good chance you won’t even notice that it’s made without tobacco. In order to produce such high quality products, Black Buffalo formed an incredible team that figured out how to put their leaves through the same rigorous production process as Big Tobacco companies. That’s why it takes months to make each tin.


To ensure their products stood a chance against their competitors, Black Buffalo spent months teaming up with a flavor house that focuses specifically on smokeless tobacco. Basically, they perfected their recipe to make sure that you will never be disappointed.

Why Should I Choose Black Buffalo?

Whether you’re planning to stop using tobacco once and for all, or you’re ready for a more modern and convenient way to get your nicotine kick—either way, Black Buffalo is for you.

What Flavors Does Black Buffalo Have?

Black Buffalo nicotine pouches come in three different flavors and one flavorless option. These flavors include blood orange, wintergreen, mint and straight. Find out which one will be your new favorite by shopping on nicokick.com.

What Is Black Buffalo’s ZERO Nicotine Pouch?

Black Buffalo’s ZERO nicotine pouch is a smokeless tobacco alternative that contains zero nicotine and zero tobacco. Yes, you read that right—and rumor has it, these pouches taste just as satisfying as other nicotine and smokeless tobacco products in the market.

Where Is Black Buffalo Based?

Black Buffalo is located in Chicago, but its journey of creating the world’s finest tobacco alternative began in North Carolina, eventually traveling throughout Tennessee as well.

Where Can I Purchase Black Buffalo?

Ready to give Black Buffalo a try? Shop Black Buffalo products on nicokick.com.

How Much Nicotine Is in Black Buffalo?

Black Buffalo products have equal amounts of nicotine content as any other traditional nicotine product.