Review of VELO Nicotine Pouches


VELO is one of our most popular brands of nicotine pouches, and it’s no secret why. These easy-to-use, mini-sized, 4-gram dry portions are created to be enjoyed just about anywhere you’re headed. Made with tobacco-derived nicotine, each plastic can comes with 20 pouches and has a two-part lid that can be used to dispose of your used pouches.

What really sets VELO apart is the many options this brand delivers. Not only do these pouches come in a variety of strengths and flavors, but they also come in hard and soft lozenges if nicotine pouches aren’t your thing.



Flavors & Strengths of VELO


VELO offers 10 flavor options including mint, citrus, wintergreen, spearmint, cinnamon, dragon fruit, citrus burst, black cherry, peppermint, and coffee. But this innovative brand doesn’t just stop there. It also comes in three different nicotine strengths: 2mg, 4mg, and 7mg.



How to Use the Pouches?


You’ll discover that once you get the hang of it, using nicotine pouches is quite easy. Just open the container or can by breaking the perforation along the side, and then place a pouch between your gum and lip. Once you’ve done those steps, simply enjoy your VELO pouch for 30-40 minutes and dispose of the pouch properly in a nearby trash can. If you feel a tingling sensation, do not worry⁠—that just means the pouches are working hard to give you the ultimate nicotine boost.


When you’re ready to dispose of the pouch, you can simply store it in the compartment within the lid until you’re able to throw it away in a nearby trash can.


Expert Review


In terms of the mouthfeel, the VELO experience is drier than many of its competitors in the market—and the pouches are minier. The 2mg and 4mg are perfect if you’re craving just a hint of nicotine, but the 7mg VELO MAX pouches are going to give you the most bang for your buck, and will likely be the most satisfying experience as far as taste and the duration of flavor goes. 

Again, VELO stands out for its variety in flavor and strengths, appealing to the nicotine lover that enjoys switching things up every now and then. If that sounds like you, you can buy your favorite VELO pouches here.