Review of Lucy Nicotine Gum 


Lucy gum delivers a spit-, and smoke-free option to getting your nicotine kick. But what immediately stands out is the brand's colorful branding. It’s fun, modern, and memorable, especially in comparison to other chewing gum or nicotine gum brands in general. Lucy also offers nicotine pouches, and lozenges—all of which are sugar-free. If you’re looking for a helpful Lucy review, read more below.



Flavors & Nicotine Strengths


Lucy’s colorful packs come in three different flavors—cinnamon, pomegranate, and wintergreen. You can grab them in your favorite flavor, or you can choose a variety pack to try them all. Every piece of Lucy gum contains 4 mg of nicotine, which is about ⅓ to ⅙ of the amount that’s in a typical cigarette. The best part is, because gum can be consumed just about anywhere, you can enjoy a small release of nicotine wherever you go.



How to Use Lucy Nicotine Gum?


Unlike traditional chewing gum—which you chew until it loses its flavor—Lucy gum is most effective when you both chew and suck on the pieces. Doing so will release the nicotine into your body. To use Lucy’s Chew & Park, you simply chew the gum for 10 to 15 seconds, then place it between your tongue and cheek and repeat this process until you feel the exact nicotine release that you desire. You can repeat this as many times you prefer throughout the day. Just remember, the more you chew on the gum, the more nicotine will be released.


Lucy gum lasts for up to 30 minutes.



Can you Swallow Lucy Nicotine Gum?


We recommend that you swallow as little of your saliva as possible while using Lucy gum. Otherwise, you may experience heartburn. If you do happen to swallow Lucy gum, be sure to reach out to a medical professional to figure out next steps.



Expert Review of Lucy Nicotine Gum


While many people choose to use nicotine gum in an effort to quit smoking, Lucy gum does a really good job of marketing to anyone who’s just looking for a nicotine kick. Chances are, you’ll run through this 10-piece pack fairly quickly, especially with its unique flavor offerings.