Review Of Lucy Breakers

Lucy Breakers (formerly known as Lucy Kapsels) are innovative nicotine pouches. They are bursting with flavor (quite literally) but are still discreet to use. The selection of Lucy Breakers are made with synthetic nicotine, making them 100% tobacco-free. 


Flavors and Nicotine Strengths of Lucy Breakers

Lucy Breakers are perfect for lovers of both fruit and mint pouches - offering Apple Ice, Mint, and Mango flavors. 

Each flavor comes in a can of 15 pouches and are available in both a 4mg and 8mg nicotine strength. 


How do Lucy Breakers work?

Similar to Lucy Kapsels, in order to get the best experience, you should bite gently on the breaker in the pouch before parking. This breaker will release the flavor throughout the pouch and make it moist.  For maximum impact, park the pouch between your gum and top lip, as this is the best place for the absorption of nicotine. 

Each pouch will give a consistent, flavorful nicotine experience for up to 30 minutes per pouch. 


What is the Difference Between Lucy Kapsel and Lucy Breakers?

Lucy Breakers are replacing Lucy Kapsel, but the experience remains the same. While Lucy Kapsels were available in Cool Cider, Spearmint, and Mango, you can find Lucy Breakers in Apple Ice, Mint, and Mango flavors. However, the flavor experience has not changed. 


Expert Review of Lucy Breakers

Lucy Breakers are one of the most unique nicotine pouches on the market. They are moister than other brands and have the added bonus of the flavor breaker to add to the experience. They release a burst of flavor that works harmoniously with the nicotine to give a fully balanced experience. Having two strength options means you can tailor the experience to suit your preference, whether you are looking for a strong nicotine feeling (8mg) or a more subdued daily kick (4mg).