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NIC-S Pouches Review:  A New Line From Sweden

Chad Jones



The nicotine pouch market in the US is growing in popularity, which means more and more products are bursting onto the scene.  This, for nicotine pouch consumers, is ultimately good news, because it gives you more selection, and more variety.  I recently got to try a new company’s releases that I’ve really been enjoying.  These products are called NIC-S.  I was saying the name by spelling it out (“N-I-C-S”), but it’s actually mean to be said like “nicks” or “nix”.  Today, we’re going to get to know this line a little better - the company, the products, all that good stuff!


The description from their website fills you in a little bit about this company:  “In everything we do, we are guided by our belief in a smoke-free society. This challenges us to remain cutting edge as we develop the next generation of 100% tobacco-free nicotine products.  Based on science and backed by progressive Scandinavian innovation we are pushing the envelope to create a responsible product that is crafted with ingredients as clean as our Nordic air.



Yes, as mentioned above, NIC-S comes from Sweden.  As a snus lover, “Made in Sweden” carries a lot of weight with me.  In Sweden, there are very strict standards enforced on products, especially products containing nicotine.  This means one thing:  quality.  “Made in Sweden” is a term that means quality when it comes to products containing nicotine.  When you use a product like this, you can be guaranteed you’re getting a quality experience from start to finish.  Yes, I know, I sound like a Swedish fanboy, and it’s true, I might just be.  But for me, it’s more about quality than anything, and NIC-S has that in spades.



I don’t know if I’d call myself a hippie.  I think the “environmentalist” label might fit a little better.  I’m one who cares about things like renewability and sustainability.  My family recycles, and we do our best to leave the Earth in better shape than we found it.  One thing I like about NIC-S is their can.  Not just the design, though the design is nice.  But, the fact that these are Pine Resin cans.  Nicokick.com describes the can as follows:  “The NIC-S® can offers a slim lightweight experience, made from a 100% eco-friendly Pine Resin material to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions needed to create the packaging”.  So yes,  this can is something that is good for the Earth and, at the end of the day, that’s important to me. 




When it comes to a lot of nicotine pouches on the market like ON!, Velo, and Zyn, they come in the dry/mini format.  A lot of people like that format, and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re into.  But, these products are different.  They come in a slim fit, with a soft pouch material, and moist contents.  This is much like what you would get in Sweden.  This, to me, makes the product more enjoyable.  The pouch has a slim fit in the lip, but the portion material yields a comfortable experience.  I think this is one thing that puts NIC-S leaps and bounds ahead of other products on the market.  Each can weighs in at 9 grams and has 15 pouches, for 0.6g portions.  So, about the same portion count as other products on the market, but slightly more weight; most weigh 0.5g, these weigh 0.6g. 




First, NIC-S uses synthetic nicotine, meaning these products are truly tobacco-free.  While many nicotine pouches use tobacco-derived nicotine, these products use synthetic nicotine.  For those leaving the world of tobacco, using a product like this means you can leave tobacco completely behind.  The description says this:  “Our pouches are perfectly crafted from a premium grade synthetic nicotine base, meaning we can truly stand behind our promise of offering 100% Tobacco Free products”. 


But what is most interesting about these is that they come in 3 strengths:  3mg, 6mg, and 9mg.  That strength is per pouch, so 3mg is 3mg/pouch, 6mg is 6mg/pouch, and 9mg is 9mg/pouch.  This delivers an experience for the individual consumer that can be matched to their individual cravings.


3mg/pouch - This is on the lower end of the spectrum in their scale of strength.  When compares to other products, this is lower than the regular strength market.


6mg/pouch - This is on the middle of the spectrum in their scale of strength.  When compared to other products, this is a hair lower than the regular strength mark.


9mg/pouch - This is on the higher end of the spectrum in their scale of strength.  When compared to other products, this is about the regular strength mark, maybe slightly above.


NIC-S pouches comes with five flavors:  Wintergreen, Fresh Mint, Mixed Berry, Spiced Cinnamon, and Sweet Orange.  The line has something for everyone in terms of all of the flavors offered.  The flavors also seemed to formulated in a more Swedish sense, meaning they aren’t overly sweet, and the flavors are more balanced.  Let’s get to know these flavors a little better. 


I’ll do reviews of these later, but I’ll share their description, and my brief notes on the flavors from a personal perspective.




Flavor Description:  “An invigorating and refreshing flavor punch with a unique sensation of an earthy, minty goodness”.


My Brief Notes:  As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of wintergreen, I found this one to be pretty approachable.  The wintergreen is rounded out by a mint flavor that makes it more balanced. 



Fresh Mint


Flavor Description:  "A fresh and cooling mint sensation, inspired by the wide expansive Scandinavian Nature”.


My Brief Notes:  Every product line has to have a mint flavor, but I liked their approach with this one.  It isn’t subtle, but it isn’t in your face either.  It also isn’t overly sweet.  It’s a pretty pleasant, enjoyable taste of mint.


Mixed Berry


Flavor Description:  “A nostalgic experience of that first handful of freshly picked berries, carefully mixed and selected”.


My Brief Notes:  This one, like the rest of the line, isn’t overly sweet.  It’s very well balanced.  As far as the berry taste goes, it seems to be raspberry with a little blackberry mixed in.  It’s pleasant, and pretty enjoyable. 


Spiced Cinnamon


Flavor Description:  "The pouch that packs some heat!  A spicy flavor profile for that boldness within you”.


My Brief Notes:  Cinnamon isn’t a common flavor, but the ones I’ve had before have been pretty bold in taste, with spicy notes.  This one is more subtle, and very well balanced.  The sweet/spice notes in the flavor profile are very well done.


Sweet Orange


Flavor Description:  “A fresh orange flavor with hints of lemon; the perfect balance of sweet and tangy”.


My Brief Notes:  Citrus is a common flavor with products, but orange is not.  This one has a pretty interesting orange flavor that is balanced out by a lightly tart note of lemon.  It’s mostly orange, though.  And while “sweet” is in the name, it isn’t overly sweet by any means.


Final Thoughts and Notes

I found myself impressed with the NIC-S line.  One thing I can say about this is that they did their homework.  The can quality, the portion quality, the flavor longevity, the nicotine delivery, everything is as it should be.  They crafted some enjoyable products, and the Swedish quality of this line really shines through.  If you’re a nicotine pouch consumer, the NIC-S line is a must try. 

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