Introducing Lucy Nicotine Gum on NicokickIntroducing Lucy Nicotine Gum on Nicokick

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Lucy Chew + Park Gum is created for current adult tobacco consumers that are looking to upgrade to a tobacco-free nicotine option such as nicotine gum. These colorful packs come in three different flavors—pomegranate, cinnamon and wintergreen—and satisfies your nicotine cravings odor-, smoke-, spit-, sugar-, and hassle-free. They also come in a variety pack if you can’t choose between flavors, or if you just want to try them all. 


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    Lucy Wintergreen 4mg Nicotine Gum
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How Do You Use Lucy Nicotine Gum?

To use Lucy nicotine gum, pop a piece into your mouth and chew for about 10-15 seconds. After that, simply park that piece inside your lip to allow the nicotine to absorb through your gums. The more you chew on the gum, the more nicotine gets released, so it’s recommended that you minimize how much you chew unless you’re looking for a more intense experience. If the nicotine released feels a little low for your personal preference, or appears to be wearing off, just chew the piece a little more and you will experience another nicotine release.

Can I Swallow My Saliva?

It’s recommended that you swallow as little saliva as possible when consuming this product, as it is most effective when the nicotine is absorbed through your gums. Swallowing your saliva could cause heartburn.

Where Can I Buy Lucy Nicotine Gum?

You can purchase Lucy Gum right here though our website Plus, when you purchase, you’ll receive free shipping straight to your door.

How Much Nicotine Is in Lucy Chew + Park Gum?

Each piece of Lucy Chew  + Park Gum contains 4mg of pharmaceutical grade nicotine and each pack contains 10 pieces of gum.

What Ingredients Are In Lucy Nicotine Gum?

Each piece of gum contains 4mg of pharmaceutical grade nicotine, gum base, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, acacia, carnauba wax, talc, food-grade sweeteners, food-grade flavors, and food-grade colors. Lucy is sugar-free and aspartame-free.