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Lucy Espresso 8MG Nicotine Pouches
  • $3.69
    ($3.69 / can)
  • $18.45
    ($3.69 / can)
  • $30.90
    ($3.09 / can)
  • $71.25
    ($2.85 / can)
  • $135.50
    ($2.71 / can)
Lucy Espresso 6MG Nicotine Gum
  • $3.79
    ($3.79 / can)
on! 8mg Coffee Nicotine Pouches
  • $2.99
    ($2.99 / can)
  • $14.95
    ($2.99 / can)
  • $28.70
    ($2.87 / can)
  • $68.75
    ($2.75 / can)
  • $131.50
    ($2.63 / can)
Dryft 7mg Black Cherry Nicotine Pouches
  • $2.49
    ($2.49 / can)
  • $12.45
    ($2.49 / can)
  • $24.40
    ($2.44 / can)
  • $59.75
    ($2.39 / can)
  • $117.00
    ($2.34 / can)
on! Strong Mixed Pack 8mg
  • $13.49
    ($13.49 / can)

These tobacco leaf-free nicotine pouches are made with nicotine extracted from the Nicotania tabacum plant and offer a unique blend of fibers that fit discreetly under your lip. Nicotine pouches are also smokeless, spit- and odor-free. Explore our wide selection of nicotine pouches brands—including ZYN, Rogue, VELO and On!® pouches—and choose from a variety of nicotine strengths and flavors.

What Are Nicotine Pouches?


Nicotine pouches have become increasingly popular for adult nicotine users looking for a change. But what’s in nicotine pouches, exactly? Designed to fit discreetly inside your mouth, nicotine pouches are use-anywhere, odor-, smoke- and tobacco leaf-free pouches with plant-derived or synthetic nicotine. There are no tobacco leaves or stems in these products.

How to Use Nicotine Pouches?


Chances are, if you're currently carrying around lighters, chargers or spit cups, you'll find nicotine pouches are super simple to use. Plus, if you have any experience with Swedish snus then odds are you already know how to use nicotine pouches. However, if you are unfamiliar with the product, we can explain how to use nicotine pouches.


If you want to use tobacco-less nicotine pouches, it's actually very easy. Once you have chosen the type of nicotine pouches you would like to use, simply select a pouch. After this, carefully place it under your top lip or between your gum and cheek.


You will need to bite down on the pouch a couple of times to help begin the release process of the flavor and nicotine. This is because most nicotine pouches are actually dry. This means they need moisture, your saliva, to get the process started. Primed pouches, on the other hand, are moist already, so they won't need this.


With the pouch placed under your lip, you can leave it there for 20 minutes through to an hour. The length of time you leave it depends on the brand and how long the flavor lasts as well as your own preference. Shop for fresh nicotine pouches here!

Popular Nicotine Pouches Brands


There is a great variety of brands offering nicotine pouches. Some brands focus on developing pouches with high level of nicotine and some specializes on offering a broad selection of flavored nicotine pouches. Below you can find some of the brands that offers the most popular nicotine pouches within the category in the USA and on Nicokick:


What Flavors and Strengths Do Tobacco Leaf-Free Pouches Come In?


One of the strongest elements about nic pouches is the fact that they come in a wide array of different strengths and flavors. This means that you can really mix and match until you find a brand that actually suits your needs. When it comes to flavors, nicotine pouches in USA really have a lot to offer. For instance, you can choose a cooling sensation thanks to the range of the most popular mint nicotine pouch flavors like wintergreen, spearmint, peppermint and, well, mint.


If you are looking for a mellower flavor there are fruity or citrus options. You can also opt for something a little different matching your nicotine with a caffeine hit when you choose a mocha flavor. Or, go old-school with Straight or bergamot flavors.


If you’re looking for other everyday flavors, then coffee, cinnamon or some of the citrus varieties will likely be your go-to. Some adult users like to mix it up with something more tropical like mango or dragon fruit. If you’re not a fan of flavor, there are also unflavored nicotine pouches as well called original or chill.


In terms of nicotine strengths, these can range from a mellow 2-3 mg, through to more regular strength 4-6 mg. At the higher end of the scale you can find 7-9 mg and 10-15 mg options.

What Is Inside Nicotine Pouches?


Nicotine pouches are fibrous pouches made with fillers, sweeteners, salts and nicotine. While not all pouches are created exactly the same, the most popular brands are formulated with plant-based, fibrous material filled with the same filler you’d find in gum. Most brands contain nicotine, but there are a few emerging brands like Black Buffalo Zero and Grinds that are both tobacco- and nicotine free.

How Long Have Nicotine Pouches Been Around?


Since nicotine pouches are so similar to Swedish snus, you could say that they’ve technically been around for over a century. However, nicotine pouches were not introduced to  America until the 21st century. Interested in learning more about the history of nicotine pouches? Look no further! We can teach you everything you need to know.

How Long Do Nicotine Pouches Last? 


Most nicotine pouches last up to 60 minutes, but the truth is, it’s completely up to you how long you prefer to utilize your pouch. If you prefer a quick, intense blast up front, choose a high strength pouch and move it around in your mouth. If you prefer a slow and steady nicotine kick, then choose a lower strength and keep the pouch in your mouth for as long as you’d like. Click here to read more about how long nicotine pouches last.

Do Nicotine Pouches Expire? 


While nicotine pouches do not expire, we suggest you use your pouches before the suggested “use by” date underneath your can. Otherwise, the nicotine’s effectiveness could diminish.

Where To Buy Nicotine Pouches? 


So, you like the sound of nicotine pouches, or you've been a user for a while, but are not sure where to buy nicotine pouches online? Well, that's where we come in. We have a massive selection of nicotine pouches and other products available.


To make sure we offer nothing but the very best nicotine pouches, we only stock products from the top brands. We're also constantly on the lookout for new brands and products, which means that our collection is always being updated. You can shop online with us easily too, using a variety of different filters to whittle down the results to find that perfect pouch.


Additionally, we have affordable and competitive pricing in place. Not only can you just grab single cans, but you can get bulk nicotine pouches in your orders too. Finally, make the most of our speedy home delivery when you place your eligible orders!


Nicotine Pouches FAQ

  • You can find the cheapest nicotine pouches on Nicokick by looking at our discounted products page to find our latest deals, or ordering your cans in multipacks (with 50 can packs usually giving the cheapest nicotine pouch prices).
  • Nicotine pouches are a smoke-free and tobacco leaf-free alternative to traditional nicotine and tobacco products. They are small, discreet pouches filled with nicotine and a blend of fibers, and fit easily under your lip. Nicotine pouches come in a variety of flavors and strengths, and are convenient and easy to use.
  • ZYN is one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands on the market. It offers a wide variety of flavors and strengths, and is known for its quality ingredients and unique pouch design. Try ZYN nicotine pouches today and discover why they're a fan favorite.
  • Ordering nicotine pouches online is a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite nicotine products. With online shopping, you can enjoy free shipping options, competitive pricing, and a wide variety of brands and flavors to choose from. Plus, your order will be delivered right to your door in just a few days. Order nicotine pouches online from Nicokick today and experience the convenience and savings firsthand.