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Nicokick offers tobacco leaf-free oral nicotine pouches from the most popular brands in a range of different flavors and strengths. Buy nicotine pouches online with Nicokick and get fast shipping across the U.S!

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Dryft 7mg Black Cherry Nicotine Pouches
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zone Dragonfruit 9mg
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Velo McLaren Tin Dragon Fruit 7mg - bundled
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Velo Max Mixed Pack 7MG
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What Are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches, also known as nic pouches, are pouches that you use orally to get your nicotine, but without tobacco leaves - offering a popular alternative to traditional Swedish snus and other oral tobacco products. They have become increasingly popular among adult nicotine users, as you can use nicotine pouches from anywhere and at any time - they are smokeless, spit- and odor-free pouches that are made with either nicotine extracted from the tobacco leaf or synthetic nicotine.


Explore our wide selection of different nicotine pouch options from nicotine pouch brands such as ZYN, Rogue, VELO and On!® in a range of different flavor and nicotine level options.


Nicotine Pouches Online with a wide brand assortment and flavors Nicotine Pouches Online with a wide brand assortment and flavors

How Long Have Nicotine Pouches Been Around?

Nicotine pouches came about to offer a new and tobacco leaf-free alternative to traditional snus. Swedish snus has been around for centuries, but it was not until the 1970s when the first pre-portioned pouches were introduced. However, over the recent decades as modern technology continues to develop and we have a better understanding of smoking risks, it was only going to be a matter of time before a tobacco-leaf free alternative to oral tobacco products was created. These pouches contain nicotine without tobacco leaf, dust, or stem.


Following the success of ZYN (the first brand to launch nicotine pouches in the U.S. in 2014), numerous brands have since entered the market, offering unique ranges of flavors, nicotine strengths, and product formulations. In 2019, sales of nicotine pouches online began to skyrocket, with an average of 80,000 cans being sold each month. 2020 saw the launch of FRĒ nicotine pouches, which are made entirely with synthetic nicotine and offer a range of higher nicotine strengths than previously seen. 2021 has brought increased awareness and acceptance of nicotine pouches and new brands are looking to enter the market with more innovative products. It is expected that the popularity of nicotine pouches will continue to grow in the coming years.


Interested in learning more about the history of nicotine pouches? Read our expert guide that explores the detailed history of the nicotine pouch!

Nicotine Pouches Flavors

One of the main reasons that nicotine pouches are so popular includes the variety of different flavor options. Each blend has a unique blend of different flavors, meaning you can try a range of different brands until you find one that works best for you. Each pouch parks comfortably in your mouth and releases flavor when you park it between your lip and gum. 


Currently in the U.S., there are many different flavors of nicotine pouch to choose from. Among the most popular brands, you can find many different flavors including:


  • Wintergreen
  • Mint
  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Menthol
  • Fruit (including tropical fruit flavors)
  • Berry
  • Coffee
  • Unflavored (nicotine pouches without flavors or added sweetners)


You can choose from so many different flavor options - on Nicokick, you can find many unflavored and flavored nicotine pouches from the best brands, so there is bound to be a flavor that suits you!

Nicotine Pouch Strengths

The nicotine levels you find in each pouch differs between brands. On Nicokick, we offer nicotine pouches with a nicotine level from 2MG to 15MG per pouch - giving many nicotine level options for adult nicotine users to choose from!


We categorize our nicotine pouches into 4 different nicotine level categories:


  • 2-3MG: These nicotine pouches have the lowest nicotine levels. Each pouch contains between 2mg to 3mg of nicotine.
  • 4-6MG: These nicotine pouches are the most popular on Nicokick, with pouches in this category containing between 4mg to 6mg of nicotine.
  • 7-9MG: These pouches can be categorized as strong oral nicotine pouches, with each pouch containing between 7mg to 9mg of nicotine.
  • 10-15MG: These are the strongest pouches on Nicokick, and each pouch contains between 10mg to 15mg of nicotine.


Nicokick prioritizes product quality, ensuring all products are laboratory tested before they hit our online storefront. The highest nicotine content per pouch we offer is 20mg, as this is the maximum amount that is recommended for a nicotine pouch, and also ensure the pH and other factors that impact the pouch experience are tested. Our Nicokick product standards were established to ensure that you get quality products, as well as to develop a sustainable product and market growth in the oral nicotine category.

Nicotine Pouch Sizes and Formats

The size of a pouch can vary depending on the brand you choose. The three different pouch sizes you can typically find in the U.S. are:


1. Slim: Sometimes known as mini pouches, these are the smallest pouches you can find. Each slim pouch is small and rectangular in shape to allow for a comfortable and unobtrusive fit under the lip.

2. Regular: These pouches are slightly larger than the slim ones.

3. Large: The largest size of pouches, these pouches cover more surface area under the lip when parked. They may be bigger, but they are still comfortable and not noticeable when parked under the lip and gum.

You can learn more about the specific format of your favorite pouch in each product description.

Popular Nicotine Pouch Brands

There are lots of different brands of nicotine pouches. Each brand has different flavor blends, nicotine level options and pouch experience, making it easy to find the best nicotine pouches no matter what your preferences are.


All nicotine pouch brands on Nicokick include:


Brand Flavors Strengths Pouches per can Price
ZYN 9 2 15 $4.19
ON! 7 3 20 $3.18
Rogue 11 2 20 $3.75
VELO 9 2 15-20 $2.81
Juice Head Pouches 5 2 20 $2.69
zone 7 2 20 $1.99
FRE 4 3 20 $3.14
Lucy 8 3 15 $3.32
SESH 3 3 20 $3.60
NIC-S 6 3 15 $5.99


Out of all brands, the top 4 most popular nicotine pouches on Nicokick are:


  1. ZYN Pouches
  2. On! Pouches
  3. Rogue Pouches
  4. Juice Head Pouches

How to Use Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are super simple to use, as you just need a can of pouches to get started - no lighters, spittoons or other extras required. If you are wondering how to use nicotine pouches, here is a quick step-by-step guide to guide you through the process of how to use nicotine pouches:


  1. Open the can and take out a pouch.
  2. Place it under either your top lip or bottom lip and gum.
  3. Leave the pouch parked for up to 60 minutes. The exact length of time you leave it parked will depend on your personal preferences.
  4. Take out the pouch and dispose of the pouch. Please dispose of it responsibly by putting it in the trash or in the catch lid (if your can has one).


How to use Nicotine Pouches - Step by step guide How to use Nicotine Pouches - Step by step guide


It is important to be aware of the potential side effects when using nicotine pouches, as nicotine is an addictive substance. These products are intended for adults (21+) who already use oral tobacco and nicotine products: it is important that you use them responsibly and are for oral use only (so you should only park them in your mouth). Learn more about side effects of nicotine pouches in our expert guide.

Buy Nicotine Pouches Online on Nicokick

Looking to buy your nicotine pouches online? Whether you prefer nicotine pouches that are free from tobacco leaves or made with synthetic nicotine - you can find a range of the best products on Nicokick! We offer nothing but the very best nicotine pouches, stocking products from the top brands such as ZYN, VELO, Rogue and more. We're also constantly on the lookout for new brands and products, which means that our collection is always expanding and there are always new pouches to try.


Additionally, we have competitive prices across our site - whether you prefer single can packs or want to buy your favorite nicotine pouches in bulk, you can get a good deal on Nicokick. You can not only grab single cans, but you can get bulk packs (make sure to choose either a 25 or 50 can pack for the cheapest nicotine pouches!). Order today and get your order delivered to your door with a range of shipping options from FedEx and UPS available at check out.

What Our Customers Say About Nicotine Pouches

Read customer reviews on nicotine pouches directly on Nicokick. This section features feedback from users who have purchased nicotine pouches from Nicokick, providing you with insights and perspectives to aid in your decision-making process. Explore reviews from our customers who have bought nicotine pouches, offering you a clear view of what to expect from our offerings.


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Nicotine Pouches FAQ

  • On Nicokick, to get the best deals, you can either:

    • Check out our latest deals and offers.
    • Order your favorite cans in multipacks, with our 50 can pack offering the cheapest nicotine pouch prices.
  • No, nicotine pouches are either tobacco-free (made with synthetic nicotine) or tobacco leaf-free (made with nicotine that is extracted from the tobacco leaf).

  • How long nicotine pouches last varies depending on different factors such as your nicotine tolerance, brand and the pouch dryness. However, on average, a pouch can last up to 60 minutes.

  • Nicotine pouches do not have an expiration date, but they do have a best before date. We suggest you use your pouches before the suggested “best before” or "use by" date that you can usually find on the base of the can. While you can use the pouches after the best before date, the flavor and nicotine level may be diminished.

  • Nicotine pouches are made for adult nicotine and tobacco users (21+) in the U.S.

  • Ordering nicotine products online is a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite nicotine pouches. By shopping for nicotine products online, you can have your favorite products delivered to your home while enjoying competitive prices and a bigger selection of products to choose from!

  • It's generally recommended to use a maximum of one pouch every 1-2 hours, with an average daily limit of 10-15 pouches. However, it's so important to follow the specific product's instructions and consider your nicotine tolerance or limits.

  • White nicotine pouches is another name for nicotine pouches - they have got this name due to the fact that these pouches do not contain any tobacco and the filling of each pouch is usually a white colour.

  • The ingredients of tobacco-free and tobacco leaf-free nicotine pouches are typically made with a combination of fillers, sweeteners, salts, flavorings, pH adjusters, stabilizers, water and nicotine. The exact ingredients vary between the different brands, so check out the ingredients list on the can for the exact list of ingredients.

  • Nicotine pouches are placed between the gum and upper lip or lower lip.