ZYN Alternatives

ZYN is the #1 nicotine pouch brand in the US right now – so much so, that we’re currently experiencing a nationwide ZYN shortage as the manufacturer cannot keep up with demand. 


If your favorite ZYN is out of stock at the moment or you’ve already reached your maximum order for the month, have a browse through this list of similar products to ZYN and find your next nicotine pouch! 

Products Similar to ZYN Wintergreen

Wintergreen is one of ZYN’s top selling flavors – known for being a gentle mint with a steady nicotine release. Here are some other nicotine pouch brands that do wintergreen well:  

Products Similar to ZYN Spearmint

This pouch brings together the sweetness of peppermint and coolness of menthol. You’ll find the following ZYN Spearmint substitutes on Nicokick:  

Products Similar to ZYN Cool Mint

If you’re looking for something closer to the classic ZYN Cool Mint, look no further than these ZYN alternatives:  

Products Similar to ZYN Peppermint

In the absence of ZYN Peppermint, you’ll find Rogue, VELO or zone nicotine pouches can offer you a ZYN-like experience: 

Products Similar to ZYN Citrus

Fans of ZYN Citrus will appreciate similar bursts of fresh fruit from these nicotine pouches:  

Products Similar to ZYN Cinnamon

The warm, woody quality of this spice can be hard to capture in a pouch, but ZYN has managed to do it alongside these other brands that offer equivalent cinnamon products: 

Products Similar to ZYN Coffee

Enjoy one of these tobacco leaf- and caffeine-free nicotine pouches if you’re unable to get your hands on ZYN Coffee: 

Products Similar to ZYN Chill & ZYN Smooth

It can feel difficult to track down an unflavored nicotine pouch in a market so fixated on flavors, but thankfully we have quite a few options that are similar to both ZYN Chill and ZYN Smooth: 

Finding the Perfect Pouch

Flavor is just one of the considerations when choosing a nicotine pouch (although it is a big one). If you like ZYN Wintergreen, then chances are you’re looking for a wintergreen somewhere else when ZYN is not available, right? 

But! Do you ever stop to consider your preferred nicotine strength or pouch format? You really should, since this can vary from brand to brand and will ultimately impact how enjoyable your experience is. 

We’ve compiled some key attributes of the brands listed in this guide that match ZYN on the flavor-front to make it easier for you to pick when it comes to other variables like strength, format and number of pouches per can. 



Available Strengths Nicotine Type Pouch Size & Feel Pouches Per Can


3mg; 6mg

Derived from tobacco leaf

Mini; Dry



3mg; 6mg

Derived from tobacco leaf

Large; Dry



2mg; 4mg; 8mg

Derived from tobacco leaf

Mini; Dry



4mg; 7mg

Derived from tobacco leaf

Slim; Dry



9mg; 12mg; 15mg


Regular; Semi-Dry



6mg; 9mg


Slim; Ultra-Soft